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Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, Community & Sustainability

Welcome! We are a non-profit Association that offers retreats, courses and volunteer programs to support the evolution of consciousness and culture in communion with the ecological web of life…

20th - 30th October
Within a context of deep meditation this journey into Integral Transformation includes explorations of Non-Duality, Tantra fusing Shiva/Shakti, Masculine/Feminine, activation and balancing of subtle energy and the Chakras, Qi Gong, Trance Dance and more
22nd October
Wild food is abundant in Portugal. It is an under used resource that not only costs nothing but is many times more nutritious than most of the food we buy and not covered in toxic biocides. Wild food is a priceless gift from Nature we can all enjoy.
27 December - 3rd January
Renew your Spirit at New Year by diving into the silence of deep meditation in the beautiful nature and enchanting atmosphere of Avidanja. Bringing the mystery of spiritual freedom alive through simple yet profound teachings, Peter will guide everyone into the wonder, peace and joy of Pure Being.
8th May - 18th June
This 6 week Intensive offers a transformational education experience that encompasses evolutionary integral spirituality, meditation, yoga, permaculture/sustainability and health/nutrition in a vibrant community context. Come and experience the multidimensional, evolutionary heart of The Awakened Life Project!

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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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