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An Enormous Dimension of Depth and Expansion!
spiritual awakening

I felt an enormous experience in depth and expansion! Words are not enough to thank you, Pete and Cynthia. Thank you to all the silent beings who worked outside and meditate inside the meditation room. And to all the animals and all the Nature! Thank you so much, it was wonderful!

I felt at home. My feet walked barefoot in a sacred space and in the absolutely inspiring Nature Beauty! I cannot wait to return!

In this retreat I felt more than ever the power of Stillness, of the Silence, of the Nature! I felt the greatness and infinity of Being! The Unity!

During  the meditation, I was keeping my body completely still, feeling the wind on my skin, the birds singing around me, and I had the feeling of being a mountain, steadfast, firm, eternal! By remaining absolutely quiet, silent, vertical, any pain or inner turmoil become calm and serene (and not the other way around). Focused on Stillness, I relax so deeply that everything stops (the pain, the inner turmoil), and the Peace and Light arrive and expand from my heart.

It was on the mountain that I had one of the most beautiful experiences in my life! Sitting motionless by the wayside under the huge sky, with a hot evening light, surrounded by nature and immersed in silence, I did not feel like a little flower by the wayside, I felt enormous as the entire mountain, I felt I’m all the mountain, beyond the flower. I felt I belonged there ... if I could "undress my body" (this expression came to me), I would disappeared there in the heights. I wanted to stay there forever ... It was so beautiful!

I also wanted to stay there forever, lying on that rock by the river on a mossy mantle, with the foot dipped in the water and the sun all over me, rocked by the sound of the waterfall ... in the cradle of nature!

I felt Unity!

Back to the meditation, I always like to feel like we were all there in the womb of Mother Nature, receiving all the Love and infinite Peace. Because its all about the rebirth of our own real Being (and when we really wake up sometimes it happens that we cry like a baby in his birth)! With my eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the body, the sounds from inside the meditation hall, the sounds from outside (the wind in the leaves, the singing bird, the dog barking, the echo of dog barking ... ). I heard all these sounds from within, inside me, like a baby in the belly of the mother who does not know that there is a world "out there". 

Hearing the echo inside me made me feel the enormous scale of Being! All that empty space inside me ... I belong to this space! I'm all this space!

Now a parenthesis: perhaps this is why we usually close our eyes when we meditate: because when we open our eyes it seems like that what we see is outside of us, it’s out there! All the sky and mountain’s beauty seems foreign to us when we see our body. We perceive the body as a boundary that separates the world in inside and outside, that separates us from the others also. But actually this separation is an illusion! And when I feel that there is no separation, I feel the Unity, The Infinite!

It is more than a sense of belonging, it’s a feeling that I’m also the All! So it makes no sense to look and perceive the world from my conditional personal-mental-psychic-emotional point of view, from my world so small and limited! It's a matter of changing perspective and looking from the point of view of God, where we are free. When we look from God's point of view then we are not meditating we are being meditated, isn’t that right!?

But it’s when I can hear the silence behind all the sounds, all the images, all the thoughts, that every inner darkness transforms into Light! A Light that purifies the heart and expands from it. If I let myself go with this Silence, all the noise will be silenced! As I dive more deeply in this empty Silence, with greater intensity I will feel the Peace. It is an Eternal Peace and always present!

There comes a time when no sound, image or thought can interfere with this feeling of Peace! There comes a moment when I only hear the Silence! I am absolutely still, the Silence in Action! There comes a time when, quiet as a mountain, I feel I’m the Silence itself! I dissolve myself in the Silence! 

I do not want all the Peace I experienced to be a temporary experience. I believe that the Silence has transformed my heart! I always want to feel this Peace in my heart now that I'm in the middle of the chaos of the city where I live! It was very difficult for me to return ... I cannot (nor want) to identify myself with all these mountains of buildings, cars, objects, noise, etc etc ... I identify myself with the mountains and the sky ... but maybe it is here in the middle of this chaos that I can see if that Silence and all that Peace is within me and if I can find them always in the bottom of the heart!

Thank You All!

MARgarida, Lisboa







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