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Meditation is Everywhere

I spent a month meditating in the beautiful yurt of the Awakened Life Project. It is hard to capture in words the whole experience...

It was not just being in a yurt! It was not just being surrounded by beautiful nature, clean water, fresh air. It was not just having healthy food, according to what I wanted/needed... it was much more. I was offered a space to go deep. Deep into the nature of my own Being. And everybody who is living at the Awakened Life Project supported me in that - simply by holding their own true space and living according to what they know is right.

Meditating in a round structure for a month was a powerful experience as I lost orientation completely. I could not locate where sounds were coming from due to the fact that there are no corners where vibrations can get 'stuck'. The yurt has a wood burner and I enjoyed very much sitting in front of it watching the fire performing its dance.

Only twice during the month I was drawn outside to go for a walk. The walks took me to waterfalls, into the forest and up a mountain with a view of the snow powdered tops of the Serra da Estrela.... as I said.... beyond words! Taking a month off to sit and meditate in silence brought me to a place where I realised that meditation is everywhere. There was no difference anymore whether I went for a walk or I was sitting in the yurt.

I am infinitely grateful for having had this opportunity!

To everybody who feels drawn to do something similar, I want to tell you: go for it! Follow your heart, and dive into your own being, without holding back. Don't look back but have your awareness in the moment that is unfolding in front of you!

Here are some poems I wrote during the retreat:

Wherever I look for myself

I AM already there

Waiting to be seen...

Be wise and know

That everything comes and goes

Nothing lasts but the seer of all things

Don’t keep anything

Die to this truth

Stand alone with nothing to hold onto

No pleasant experience, no unpleasant experience will stay

You are the ever falling that is the centre itself

Can you stay where there is nowhere to stay?

Can you be nobody?

Can you know nothing?

And can you have nothing?

Can it be that you are that with or without your acceptance?

Drop the seeker of life, be the explorer

Life has already found you...

In the darkness you can see the light

In the light you cannot see the darkness

Both light and darkness are always there

For light to experience itself it needs to stand in darkness

For consciousness to experience itself it needs to stand in duality

I am consciousness, my mind is duality

The perfect love affair as long as the light does not forget that the reflection it sees is itself.

It is not that consciousness is playing hide and seek with us

It is so right in our face that we cannot possibly miss it!

It follows us on every journey in to the darkest corners of our mind

Always with us

Not once did it abandon us

It is so simple, too simple for us to recognize

That it is therefore our nature



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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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