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Filipa Monteiro


Spirituality was something that I never really thought. I've always been a person of a very technical and scientific thought, and so I never identified myself as a spiritual being. However, and although I consider myself a lucky person, something was missing, something was not right, an emptiness invaded my days... No matter how good, or even bad, family, friends or work were, they were not enough...

This feeling of emptiness was ignored countless times; I confess that I never did anything to address it and, therefore, was purely by chance that I came across an advertisement for an ALP meditation retreat. And, on an intense period of my life, I thought that a meditation retreat was a great opportunity to relax, a good weekend... I didn’t know the people, or what we were going to do, so I took a chance and went to Casa das Ervas Silvestres.

It wasn’t a retreat to relax, instead, it was very intense physical and psychologically experience. But despite the tiredness and the body aches, the experience could not have been better... I met great people who touched in the deepest of my being and awakened something that I had never really thought about, but that made perfect sense to me... At the end of the retreat I felt at home, and despite the revolution in my ego, I felt recharged and everything smiled on me ... I was in the right place at the right time!

This was my first contact with the ALP. I felt a strong connection with Pete and Cynthia, everything they said made sense, resonated within me and, without realizing it, the emptiness was fading away.

Since then I never lost contact and went on my way together with them. I did the Evolução da Consciência course with Pete. I can say that is more than a course, it is a life lesson ... Through the course I woke up my true self; I discovered what the EGO was and how it moves. And all these new knowledge "forced me" to grow, challenged my existence. With this course and with the help of all the people involved I discovered that what was missing in my life was a purpose, and what better purpose could I want if not Evolution?

After the course and always in a very natural path I entered the Women's Group created by Cynthia. Suddenly, I found myself in the most unexpected position, surrounded by women talking about the deeper meaning of life ... My relationship with other women has always been based on the separation, I did not recognize myself in that competitive environment and therefore I always took refuge in the relationships with men. However, with these women there were no separation nor competition. From the first moment that we met the only feeling that prevails is one of Union. This group is a constant challenge, there’s always something new in every session. Every time we're together we find ourselves in each other, we grow as individuals and as a whole. We Evolve!

With the ALP and with all the wonderful people who share this journey with me, I learned to express my true self, I recognized in myself constraints that I never thought I had and above all I became freer, happier and more evolved!

But evolution never stops and there is still much to do and to learn and for all that I am really proud to be part of the ALP family!

Filipa Monteiro, Porto

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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