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Joel Baillergeau

Can I live a life of purpose and meaning? Can I break through social, cultural and psychological conditionings? Can I participate and engage in life from a ground that is free from the alienation of my own mind and the limitations of its inherited structure? Can I actually be free to ‘respond’ and ‘relate’, ‘meet’ and simply ‘be myself’ in all circumstances’?  And before any of that even starts to make sense… ‘Who Am I’ to begin with?

For many years I’ve been a passionate wanderer - I have been seeking relentlessly, without even knowing at first that I was seeking or even what it is that I was seeking. All I knew is that nothing was ever enough, and anything else had to be better than what I already had.

And, as I kept seeking, it slowly dawned on me that it was ‘me’ that was the one being sought. My own search was not my ‘own’ to begin with, but a wake up call to open my eyes, stop, love and be loved. It was an invitation to heartbreak, drop the insistence, bow the head and recognize that in Truth I am the One I’ve forever been looking for, the only One that ever was loved and the only One that could ever be found - whether or not I was looking for it.

I came across the Awakened Life Project in 2014, first as a passionate co-creator of a social, cultural and spiritual experiment called ‘Avidanja’ for 4 years, and now as a resident manager at Quinta da Mizarela, the spiritual heart of our Project.

My interest has always been in participating in building communities that would take on that ‘recognition’ as a starting point, and take responsibility for it in all dimensions of embodied existence, not only individually but collectively. Coming together in such a way that the veil of limitation and separation would simply fade and in its place the True Face of our Single Reality could emerge as One Love, One Heart and One Humanity.

Nothing less than creating a new culture on earth, a culture that encompasses the deepest dimension of who we are and reaches out in all aspects of our relations, a culture that seriously and with integrity meets the critical demand of our time to take on an unprecedented evolutionary leap.

Will we dare standing for the Heart? Will we take on that courageous step that the world is screaming for us to take? Will we get real once and for all about our truest nature and take responsibility for a world ‘our heart knows is possible’? Will we care to dare and dare to care?

Together at the Awakened Life Project we are committed to work towards that mighty possibility. I found here a family and a deep homecoming that nourishes not only the best of what I can become, but also the best of what all together we can create. Here I can live a life of purpose and meaning, caring for the Heart, burning in its Fire, shining as its Light. With the support of my brothers and sisters we can look and see through the veil of our misconceptions and fears, limitations and insistence not to surrender to our deepest understanding - Yet, we are dedicated to walk nothing but the ground of freedom we are and from where limitless possibilities come forth.

Here, I have stopped and loved. Here, in whatever circumstances, I have found and was found.



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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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