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Jutta Weiske


Founder of AVIDANJA (sister project of ALP) 

German , living in Portugal since 1984.
Involved with ALP since the beginning 2008
Retreat center leader, Artist,

Facilitator towards Holistic Health,

Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator,

Mother, Grandmother,

Passionate about being a free expression of consciousness!

Hello, my name is Jutta and I have lived in Portugal since 1985.

Right now I live near Montemor-o-Velho at Casa Ervas Silvestres/Avidanja, a small project that aims to achieve the manifestation of a healthy, integrated life. A healthy life means a life lived with dignity and respect for other beings and the Earth, implying a greater openness to learning from others. The Awakened Life Project has had a great impact on my life in this regard over the last three years.

It was in Asia that I had my first contact with meditation and spirituality, and this left a very strong impression. I spent my life seeking truth and a deeper sense of understanding ultimately why I'm here and what is my purpose.

The first step in this direction was the move to Portugal, where I sought more intimacy with nature. I left Germany, where I studied Art History, Philosophy and created a small community with three adults and my son. I started working on the land and learned to build houses. Today I know that we were very brave pioneers, because we had to invent a new life. After ten years I left the community because they lacked the foundation for living together harmoniously.

Over time I created a new art form called "body of light." Working with paper and colour I intend to simply convey my love for life. It is a very strong tool for creative expression. I recycle various materials, make visible and transparent models and also and use materials from nature.

In the last fifteen years I have evolved this art, I created a business around it with my son and with the help of others. The space is now Casa Ervas Silvestres. Over time I have also deepened my knowledge of natural food, which has been a passion of mine for over 30 years.

My spiritual path led to my involvement for three years the teachings of Sri Chinmoy, who was my master and who still glows in my heart.

Since the first meeting in March 2009 with Pete Bampton, and through that connection with his wife Cynthia and the Awakened Life Project, I knew I had found what I was looking for. A combination of evolutionary spirituality, healthy food and care for the environment, applicable to modern life.

I belong to a womens group led by Cynthia Bampton and through this group we learn about, and transcend together, the female conditioning that prevents us from living our true potential. Since January 2011 I have hosted meditation retreats led by Pete at Casa Ervas Silvestres and I have had the opportunity to deepened my experience of meditation.

But the most important aspect of my connection with the Awakened Life Project is the ongoing creative renewal of life itself. I feel that there is nothing more interesting than growing together with people who want nothing more than to leave behind all limitations, and to develop beyond them. This means that we can literally create new structures in which each person discovers a sense of profound belonging and communion and also the ability to reach their potential and to merge it with the potential of others. I feel pulled to be who I am, I feel drawn to give what I have .....I feel welcome in Awakened Life!

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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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3305-031 Benfeita
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