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Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, Community & Sustainability
Patricia Fonseca

I am Patricia and I live in Porto. As a profession, within the professional areas that our system offers, I chose to be nurse, because of my passion for Health and Caring. As the years working in this area were passing I became dissatisfied with the way this robotic work has to be done, focusing, for those who manage the system, in productivity, in numbers, people's health being subject largely the interests of laboratories, and other economic interests, and I was looking for something more pure.

I wanted to learn how to truly treat people from the inside out. I believe that each organism has within itself the power of self-healing, supported with natural therapies that respect the individual in all its dimensions. In this sense I discovered everything I could about alternative medicines and chose to study in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The gap that I hitherto felt in relation to health, began to be happily satisfied, at least at the individual level. But ... what else? The health of all individuals is significantly influenced by the surrounding environment, can not be separated from its surroundings and the health of its community and world.

I looked at the world around me and it seemed so artificial. So far from our real roots. That left me deeply saddened. People generally do not really know who they are or where they come from. They has lost touch with their true essence. They worry about shoes, wallets, superfluous objects, comfort. Confuse consumerism with security. Most things have a price, not a value. I see that many people are absent. No time. In a hectic rush. Do not look you in the eyes. Note that in the background there is a will to connect, join in a common cause. But the most common cause seems to be football or reallity shows! The noble causes are often left in the background.

Basically, people have some awareness that something is not right. But they feel powerless and too small to do anything and as an excuse they let themselves fall asleep in routines, preferring to believe that his conduct has no impact on the whole. Conformity and giving up our belief in a better world. Some stopped dreaming. Not all. Almost all ...

Fortunately, there are humans attentive to awaken with a strong belief that it is possible to develop the human potential for the Better! Some of them live in the Mountains of the Hawk in Central Portugal, on Quinta da Mizarela, the microcosm of a new emerging culture. It was in mid 2011 that I met the Awakened Life Project. I  "coincidentally" stumbled on their website. I was in shock because I thought that what I saw and read only existed in my imagination! And now I have joined them!

Beyond the visible exterior form in the way they live and make themselves known, also the heart that moves "inside" them is pure. There is consistency between what they say and do and what they are. They live in respect with Nature. They eat ethically. Cause minimal environmental impact. Cultivate the Spirit. Respect the Other.
The way they act is moved by an inner strength and clarity of intention cultivated by the day. The main interest is the evolution of human consciousness which will have an impact on our actions and the world around us.

This knowledge is also available, and should be manifested all around us, even though we are not living "in the middle of nowhere" and we are in town. I attended the course of Evolution of Consciousness with Pete last year. This course answered the questions I had been asking ever since I could remember...Who am I? Why am I here? What is the Purpose of Life? The coures taught me to be more aware and conscious of the whole in a more expanded way and helped me to identify the various facets of the ego so that it interferes less with the manifestation of Pure Being who is really who we are ... It's a constant learning process, and a constant battle sometimes, but a spiritual struggle that follows the pulse of our heart.

After the Course I joined the Women's Group which meets monthly, guided by the Cynthia Bampton. Something is actually happening in women: "a demand to catalyze a profound change on this planet." Several constraints of the past are being broken for this change to occur. Each month we gather in a circle, with a strong intention of breaking more and more the feminine ego and conditionings so that we can move forward as Free Women who inspire a new culture.

My Clarity of Intention becomes stronger every day and I intend to continue to walk this enlightened path and actively participate as a vehicle to expand this Big Bang and this New Culture of transcendence of the ego.

"Never doubt that a small group of  conscious and committed citizens can change the world. In fact, the only thing I ever did " Margaret Mead

Patricia Fonseca

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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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