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Raquel Perdigão


Hello. I am Raquel, one of the Co-Creators of the Awakened Life Project. I am living in the beautiful Quinta da Mizarela for baout 3 years now with my fiance David Williams.

I am Portuguese, born in Porto. I have a characteristical accent  and I am amazed with the opportunity that I had to be born in a family that is the perfect mixture between the city and the country. My father comes from Trás os Montes and my mother from Porto and together they co-created a feminine being that today, and always, walks in the transformation paths and in the creation of a New World.

How did I arrive here? By my choice and because, sometimes doing it in the right way and others not that much, I was accepting and seeing the signs that the Universe was sending. I feel that all days of my life were important and made me what I am today. A Childhood divided between Santa Claus, the smell of the bread just made at my granny's house, the possibility to play in the street, the animails that we always had at our house and being in family. 

I had a challenging puberty with lots of important experiences. When I was young I lived spirituality in a deep and present way. I was a catholic teacher and I did every celebration that a catholic practitioner does in Portugal. But in the year that my father got sick, all my spiritual believes died. I was angry and therefore God was non grata for me! I looked for answers everywhere: books, people and spiritual spaces. And slowly, I was acknowledging that God, indeed, was inside of me. I was God! and that truth was the opposite of everything that I was taught until then. Everything was starting to make sense to me. God was not inside of a building that people constructed. I didn't have to go to the church to feel spiritual.   

My passion for Nature, since I was a kid, taught me that it was engouh to be conscious of it, trough a bath in a cold waterfall, a hug to a tree or a walk in the forest to feel the Divine, to Be the Divine.

But all the practices that I learned and the new age teachings started to fell very limiting. I was constantly afraid. This fear didn't make sense! After all, I wanted to be free! I wanted to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted and whom I wanted with!

But after contacting with the Awakened Life Project, when I participated in the Evolutionary Counsciosness Course with Peter and then I joined the Women's group leaded by Cynthia, I realized that being free is more than I was thinking it was. It was more than teaching permaculture to kids and adults, leaving a company where I worked for 13 years and everything that I liked to do. Being free is being conscient, is connecting with who I really am in everything that I do. It's a painfull path sometimes, but beautiful at the same time. Each dark face that is shown to me it's another realization that I have, because I know that I am capable of changing what is not OK. I am a woman that believes in a better World, in a new World - a New Culture in which we are transparent e free from the connection with ego that insists in separation from the Divine.

I meditate like I have never before. I am what I never been. Because, in this process, all the layers are shown everyday and at every second. Here, I feel supported like I never was in my life.

I am gratefull for the opportunity to live here with all the people that suround me and putting in practice all my knowledge and learning everyday; not only in books, but only because I want to live and experience every moment, like if it is the first day of my life.

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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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