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Sandra Baillergeau


I joined ALP in 2013 and since then have given basically my whole life for this collective emergence. Where else is there to go, once you find everything you were ever looking for?

Before I came to that realisation, life was about surviving the stress and anxiety that was my daily experience. Nonstop heart racing, shyness and unhappiness was the result of a young life lived to fit in and to belong. I learned to be a financial assistant for reasons only to have a secure job and switched afterwards to studying Geoecology only to understand that this will not save the world or myself either. It was all the same corrupt system and it was too much for me. There was a day in 2011 where I vowed to myself that I will not settle for a mediocre life. The only road map that there is to follow is the one of the hearts truth. In that moment something opened up and I was free enough to step out of my own cage. The door had been open all along and now I saw that it was so. I finished my university degree not brave enough yet to just through it although I knew this would not be my path and went on to search for truth and what life is about. Pretty soon I found the Awakened Life Project and new this is it! I arrived and now the real journey and the real work began.

It has been an utterly humbling and softening journey. I discovered friendship love and care like never before. The more layers are shed the more I get to know myself. The joy that I believe is inherent in all of us, expresses itself more and more in deep belly laughter while my head is thrown back – oh how I love that!  I never thought life could be so simple and yet so full at the same time.

The vision and teaching has been continuously piercing through false beliefs, misunderstandings and conditionings to the point that I became a more functioning human being. And by that I mean, that I went from being compulsively self concerned and self obsessed with how I am feeling, to actually being joyfully available to life demands and to what wants to emerge in every moment.

 I love this project because it is very simple in its teaching and yet very radical. My teachers Cynthia & Pete who walk their talk and continuously grow and evolve are the inspiration for me and the Sangha (Spiritual Community) and together we are constantly thriving for what we don’t know yet.

The vision is big! Being a conscious and active participant in the evolution of consciousness is like constantly glimpsing at the edge of what I don’t know. Doing this collectively open hearted, open minded is erasing century old structures of belief systems and conditioning.

What I am seeing happening more and more is that collectively we and I are shifting our focus from a me-centred vision to a we-centred vision without losing the individual conscious awareness. And this is happening because of the effort of every single one of us. This is what I have given my life to. This is why I am part of ALP and this is thrilling beyond anything! To me life is no longer to find my personal Nirvana and get enlightened. But to find out what is actually possible when a collective of people is coming together endeavouring to create a new culture based on the understanding and knowledge that our true nature is always already free.

To dive even deeper into this experiment I decided to move with my husband Joel to the Ashram Quinta da Mizarela in spring 2019. I am very grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to live and learn with Pete and Cynthia and the other residents. The project I am mostly working on right now is to create a forum for the communication within the Sangha but even more for everybody who is inspired by the Awakened Life Project and who wants to stay in touch. I know from my own 

experience how important it is to have a supportive community, especially when one begins the spiritual path and is not surrounded by like minded people.

I hope that this forum will help people to gain clarity about what ALP and the teaching is about through direct engagement with Pete and Cynthia and the Sangha – and also help to build a network of people that support each other in their recognition of our always already free nature and how to actually live that : )

Sandra, Germany

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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