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Sara Silva


I have always had an enormous will for freedom and to be able to contribute to a more just society. I wasn’t quite sure about how to do it, so I went on trying different ways while growing up. I graduated in Landscape Architecture and started to work. Very quickly I felt as if I was getting on a high speed train that made me more dependent on a salary to keep my independence and gave me less time (or mental availability) to appreciate and deepen my relationship with the world. Somewhere in the discomfort of feeling stuck on that train, where I could change carriage but not the direction, I met people, books and travels that taught me that the primary transformation has to be my own. In that discovery I started to meditate and discovered the Awakened Life Project.

I arrived to the ALP loaded with prejudice about spirituality and communities and all the vocabulary they used, while I was getting involved I kept reinforcing in myself my independence from groups. I had many ideas I carried that shaped my world and as I have let go of those ideas, Freedom has grown wide.

I did some Meditation Retreats in Quinta da Mizarela, The Evolution of Consciousness Course and joined the women’s group in Porto, oriented by Cynthia Bampton. There, philosophy met the practice and I awakened to another dimension in life to which I keep awakening evermore. The realization and experimentation of other realities beyond that in which I have always inhabited – the mental – opened myself to the diversity and creativity inherent to every moment. For the first time I felt the illusion of time and space and that our limitations are subjective. I experience “first times” like this all the time now!

More and more my experience is of my heart opening beyond gender, race, form and comprehension. It hits you with such a passion that dissolves any limits to the amount of beauty you thought you could handle. And I didn’t even had to jump off the train as it faded away around me.

I joined this project to support it as I want Freedom for myself and the others, and I want to live in an ever more creative, integrative and wide form.

Kafka wrote: “There is an arrival point, but no path; that which we call path is no more than our hesitation”.

Sara Silva


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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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