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Sia Bauer


I was born in a small traditional village, where I grew up in a mindset that defined how to be, what to think, what to say and what road my life would take. I started to reject cultural and social mainstream. I never really felt completely at home where I was so I tried to find it outside of me. I let the vibration of music soak my body until I felt its harmonies and its vibrancy in all my cells. I traveled to countries and places just to see that I didn't change with the place.
I tried to surround myself with people I thought could give me what I was looking for … and rejected a lot of them. I fell in love with nature and spent hours hiking up mountains, looking down just to watch the world go crazy. But I was never really in the world. I was always looking for myself outside of me.

I knew something must change. I saw all the pain and inequality in the world and an increasing destruction of nature. I decided to do my part in changing the world. My focus went to Africa and its people, culture, nature and its spiritual heart. I studied Geography with a main focus on African Development Studies. I went to several countries volunteering, visiting and interning with NGOs. This turned my life around completely.

I saw a quality in people that I never saw before. An aliveness in smiles and gestures. A joy amidst the greatest pain. Great characters and courage amidst poverty shouting out loud. A connectedness beyond anything I've ever seen. I saw the arrogance in wanting to change and help a continent that has the capacity to inspire the rest of the world. I knew that what needs to change was where I was coming from. But back then it was still referring to the physical place, central europe and western society.

After graduating I went on a spiritual journey. Again physically. The Camino de Santiago. I did it with the intention to let go of life as I know it. It was a profound experience of synchronicity and insights, people mirroring people I knew and most of all myself.

After the Camino I visited a friend in a community called Avidanja in Portugal and I decided to stay. Again it turned something in me around completely.
I turned my attention inwards. Over time I understood that the place I was looking for in time and space was always there. I went on ALP retreats, and I joined the women's group.

I decided to do the Transformation Intensive and deepened my understanding of the timeless truth of who I am. I received a lot of guidance and support.
After some time in Portugal I started to deepen my understanding of healing my own true voice in workshops and continue to do so. The place from which we are coming from is still the most important thing in all our interactions and so healing my true voice is not only referring to my singing voice but also to support expression from a free place.

I started a relationship with a beautiful man Glen with whom I share the adventure of life since then. We married with the intention to support and share our spiritual evolution with all the love and trust that we are.

Frictions, feelings, joy, love, emotions and pain. Everything comes and goes but the knowing that I am here, that I am alive is ever growing.

Sia Bauer

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About the project

The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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