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For me what it means to be a part of ALP is not compromising on my deepest understandings. To live fully and express what I know. To embrace the fact that there is no separation and not let any movements get in the way of that. I live to love and give everything I have to this mysterious process of evolution.

There is also the recognition of the beautiful family that we are and the deepest gratitude for that. For the togetherness we share and the unwavering commitment and embrace of standing in freedom. Being part of ALP has awakened my heart to being alive and beating like I have never felt it beat before, and I don't want for anything other than to ignite this liberation in others.

David Williams

To be part of the Awakened Life Project means for me an opportunity to serve my only purpose as a human being and a chance to leave behind the delusion of a self centered life: to become the place of God's Realization of Himself and a means for His mercy towards all creation - to be left as only His radiance through the fire of His Love and enlighten the universes. Not only individually, but collectively and in between us. I believe that this purpose is beyond what I know of this life and that it is part of an all encompassing process which tackle the very fabric of all manifest existences on all levels. That, somehow, any enlightened step we take has an effect beyond anything we understand. The extent of our nobodyness is the mesure of our success.

I cannot overstate the importance and joy that it means for me to be part of the Awakened Life  Project, and express gratitude for the miraculous process that delivered its possibility to 'me' and to 'us' through the agency of Pete and Cynthia. Thank you!

Joel Besace

It is very simple and profound at the same time to answer this question. When I was a school girl I had a poetry book and my father wrote there: ” the truth lies in simplicity.” Since I found how true that is I always remind myself to stay simple. Being a member of ALP means for me to be simple and truthful. Every day again I am finding out what the meaning of that might be. This simplicity starts to penetrate many moments of my life. I forget myself, worry about what others may think about me or how I would like to appear. Being part of ALP is BEING MYSELF and I dont know what that is. This gives me such a freedom and a curiosity that being part of ALP turned out to be a miracle. Being part of ALP means for me to participate in life, to embrace the truth of life itself. What that truth is, I am finding out every single moment. I give when I have to give and don't hold back. I embrace when I receive and don't hold back. I have the courage to do so. I discover love.

Jutta Weiske

It means to be available for whatever life is giving me. It means to be open to whatever comes. It means to question even the beliefs I was most certain of. It means to relax in something way beyond my mind.And to realize. Reality it’s all there is. And I want to be real. With all of you and everybody. 
It means to completely let go of any fear to be Myself. To show Myself. 
It means to grow. It means to be happy. To choose happiness. Always. 
It means to just stop and live out of the bottom of my Heart.

Katja Schaefli

I am a member of ALP because I want to live from real freedom, I want to give myself fully in this life and I want to create heaven on earth with others. This life is too important to always seek. I have so much to give, so much to share, so much to be. I want to live fully, embrace everything. I want to bring tears to my eyes. I want to (try to) communicate what life is all about. All we want is love. ALP gave me so much understanding about this simple truth. And ALP gave me a family that I can share and experience this truth with.

It is truly beyond words and I am speechless. But I will speak. ALP and the truth of love communicates through all its members and through me. I have no idea what will come, but when I keep my loving strength, when I will never part from this truth, all that will come in the end is love.

I am writing this, sitting in the garden of our "awakened life family" project. The things we can and will do from love are endless. Together with my small family here we are breaking boundaries and actually finding there are no boundaries. Thank you ALP Sangha and Pete & Cynthia for all this love and understanding.

Lotte Kaufmann

What does it mean to be a member of ALP? For me, ALP is a vehicle for a higher expression of life. To be member of this movement means to live for something greater, beyond the small I, beyond ego and its unfulfilled desires and fears.

Being a member of ALP means to make the conscious choice to live an implicating life, to live accordingly to my deepest understanding, to take responsibility for everything that I do, to care for life and serve God in their multiple faces and unlimited demands. To be a member of ALP is to embrace the reality that life is happiness and freedom.

ALP is a Spiritual call for action! It implies a continuous giving for a radical collective transformation.

Pedro Morais

It means that I humbly aspire to embody and express the truth of non-duality, here and now, whatever that may look like, whatever that may demand. It means joining similarly committed and passionate expressions of life, co-creating the unknown and being eager to transcend all individual and collective apparent limitations, in a mind-blowing journey of rediscovering and manifesting spiritual freedom. It also means being always ready to have my heart broken, tears falling and knees down in recognition of the One in the Many - which is very often the case!

Natacha Leite

I just wanted to share with you what stayed with me from the last sangha call... In a way we did not particulary talk about it, but every time we meet, and it doesn’t necessary need to be in the sangha call, I feel something fulfills itself. The one meeting in the many is so overwhelming and significant to a degree my mind does not understand. But my heart is open and full of joy and fulfilment in those moments. Sharing life with you all more and more open, transparent with no holding back seems like the biggest mystery. Especially the sharing....I experience a sharing (for which it needs two or many) without dividing (into two or many). The mind asks, how can that be? And I know, it is...It is difficult to put into words, and all I can say is that it feels right and I am very curious to continue to explore this. There is no particular outcome and the path is the goal.

Sandra Szostak

To be a member of ALP is like being in a membership with Life as Life.

It is about being part of a community that holds everyone to their highest potential and to their deepest understanding. Every individual realizes their responsibility for the evolution of the collective as he/she understands there is only Consciousness and it is evolving. Being part of the ALP is realizing in my own experience that doing all of the above is all I want to do and by doing so Living is a continuous gift.

Sara Silva

For me ALP is primarily about supporting and reinforcing the knowing that I/we are always already free, there is nothing to get over and consciousness/love is all there is. Simple when stated, a constant challenge to fully live. So I am ever grateful to Pete, Cynthia and now the whole Sangha for loving this reality, for not going with the ego voice of separation and knowing that my brothers and sisters love me enough to not let me get away with anything less. ALP is also about commitment, responsibility and service, about knowing that what I/we do is in direct service to God and not about our personal selves, knowing that the knock-on effect of what we are doing is affecting consciousness way beyond us. That we are involved for all of those reasons but also because there is no longer a choice once this is known.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words that do justice to the gratitude I feel because, on a heart level, it’s about realising my heart’s desire to be one with my brother and sister humans, rocks, trees, stars, waters and mountains, plants, all creatures and all the nature spirits seen and unseen. It’s to know that there can never be separation, it’s pure illusion. That I stand in awe as all creation and surrender to where that takes me. To see that the dance into the unknown is one of bliss and creativity in the ever unfolding evolution of consciousness. To know who I truly am.

Sia Bauer

How to describe something so simple and beautiful in my opinion what it is to be an ALP member?!?!?!?

It means that I am embracing LIFE at its fullest. I am present with what is happening, being it a good and pleasant experience or not, I do not run away from my responsibilities, I face everything and avoid nothing and I am humble when I fall or miss to do any of the above. I acknowledge that I am LIFE and this mysterious process is perfect.

Being an ALP member is to be part of an amazing family that is always there for you. So that makes me want to support the best of each other as well. I walk my talk, own my knowledge and experience, am transparent, not hide behind my teachers, follow my heart, hear what my brothers and sisters have to say, they show me who I am, am interested to know more...and engage with the world from this same perspective.

Teresa Leite

To be “an ALP” means to keep myself open and interested. 
It means to listen with my heart and give myself to this practice with the humility to recognize that it’s not something that happens without my effort and interest. 
It means to trust that Life wants the best of me and that’s why you push me so hard!
It means to embrace that I don’t know, I don’t control but I can trust.
It means to rest, to contemplate and to be meditated! 
It means to surrender to my hearts longing for a meaningful life without having any idea of how it should look like.
It means to assume my part in what it takes to be “the change that I want to see in the world”.
It means to listen you with respect and care. And it means to respond to you in that exactly same way.
It means to live my highest understanding and persist with courage and kindness against all my resistances.
It means to embrace that Life is an immense gift and so Am I as You All Are.

Angela Rodrigues

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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