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Come Together

The main point I want to make in this article is that our full potential as human beings can only be released if we see and experience who we are as part of a vast evolutionary unfolding. Simply put, this means that we recognize that we are here for an infinitely greater purpose that our own personal happiness or even personal spiritual liberation...

Why? Because we begin to see and experience the great, liberating truth that our deepest capacity for happiness, freedom, creativity and care emerges when we reach beyond a personal orientation to life.

Because the orientation and revelation of evolutionary spirituality is toward a collective emergence rather than a personal enlightenment, it can profoundly impact the potential of human relationships. This potential  is what we are exploring and living at the Awakened Life Project and it is this that lights us up with profound passion and purpose. So I offer some reflections on the subject here...

All of humanity’s problems and the current converging crisis can be boiled down to the fact that we don’t trust each other and we don’t want to come together. Ego consciousness is the current “operating system” of humanity and so the “status quo” of human relationship is that we are all fundamentally separate and unique individual personalities, nations, races etc. We all live inside our own skin and everything outside, whether people or objects, is fundamentally alien and definitely not us!

As a skin-encapsulated ego we have a distinct personal history and cultural background, our own personal beliefs and opinions, likes and dislikes, hopes and fears etc. Human relationship usually happens when we find a “match” with another on some level to whatever degree. Thus deep relationships usually involve having to get to know one another personally over a long period of time, and then maybe we will actually trust. Unless, of course, if we fall in love at first sight in which case we usually find out later, after the romantic infatuation fades, just how compatible we really are!

So when we seek to relate to each other it is usually a process, conscious or unconscious, of seeing if we can find enough “common ground” in our personality structures and worldviews to trust each other to some degree and hence cement a “relationship”. Of course with family relationships we are related because of the biological bond (and may not have anything else in common!), but most other relationships are formed in this way and they endure as long as we feel that the “common ground” is there. But unfortunately this “common ground” usually shifts and changes over time and hence relationships often break or, if breaking up is too painful for us, some choose to live in the safety and superficial comfort of compromise.

But what if the “common ground” that we come together in has nothing to do with the personality, history or our relative likes or dislikes? What if the “common ground” is that Mystery or Consciousness that animates all our individual personalities and indeed, the entire Universe? Because, in the end, that is the only true and lasting “common ground” that we can ever find. That is if we are convinced that we are all ONE!

It is one thing to believe and pay lip service to the conviction that “we are all One” and even to experience that truth as an inner revelation or “spiritual experience”, but it is another thing altogether to actually be committed to manifesting that ONE as ourselves and in relationship with each other. Coming together in and as that ONE takes a lot of trust, courage and humility. Why? Because it challenges the status quo of separation in ourselves and in our collective shared cultural “we” space. It demands that we always be more interested in what is true than in how we feel. It challenges us to let go of all our selfish motivations, habitual defences and our precious self-images. We have to be willing to not know who we are and look freshly over and over again. We have to be willing to drop all the baggage that we have accumulated in order to convince ourselves, and everyone else, that we are special and unique. The ego always needs to position itself as separate in relationship to another. Am I superior or inferior? Is this person going to affirm my self-image or are they a threat? Can I trust them? And on the internal dialogue goes...

Once we start to understand what the movement of ego is and how it functions as a dividing mechanism that has its roots in fear we can choose not to listen to those voices, which means we choose to be more interested in what is objectively true than our subjective interpretations. The one that chooses not to identify with the separating activity of the ego-mind is none other than the ONE consciousness entering into the world of time, space and form as our liberated individuated self – an individuated self that is not identified with the personality or the need to be separate!

Then, when we meet another person for example, we recognize that fundamentally we are meeting ourselves, we are meeting another human expression of the ONE being we all are. Hence we are open, we are curious; we are more interested in who the person really is than we are in their unique personality or ego (or who they think they are!). Our relationship is not fundamentally based on history (even if we know each other very well) it is based on the living reality of being ONE right now. In simple human terms this manifests as profound trust, communion, and transparency and, dare I say, that very misunderstood and overused word, LOVE…But it is a love that does not want for itself, is free of sentimentality and is not associated with the experience of any particular feeling, it is a love that is the expression of spirit-in-action.

If two or more people can trust in this way together it opens a door to a new potential for human relationship. The habitual need to be separate, protected, fearful, superior or inferior can fall away gradually or instantaneously. We start to experience a wellspring of warmth, innocence and ecstatic joy just in being together. We experience the liberating truth that we are already One and so we don’t have to expend time and energy in trying to “be connected”.

Then from that foundation we can explore anything and everything, (including our unique history and personalities!), because we have found the only true “common ground” that there is—the ground of unity that transcends and includes our individuality. This can happen in long-term relationships and with people who we have never met before. It all depends on where our attention is. Even if another person is not interested in this kind of relationship, but we remain open and available, our own openness may pull on something deeper in them over time.

So if we want to be free human beings in relationship all we have to do is see that there is always a choice in front of us. Do we identify with the division and complexity of the ego in ourselves and another or the wholeness and simplicity of the ONE True Self in ourselves and another? If we identify with the former then our relationships will be full of painful division and complexity and if we identify with the latter then our relationships will be joyous expressions of wholeness and simplicity.

Now maybe we start to see the potential for “Peace on Earth” and for human beings to live in harmony, which no doubt has great positive implications. But if we are coming together in the context of “evolutionary spirituality” there are even greater and more positive implications. Why? Because we recognize and experience that who we all are is non-separate from the energy and intelligence of Creation itself and that energy and intelligence wants to create a brighter future endlessly. Thus the highest value in human relationship in an evolutionary context is not the experience and maintenance of "peace", which would imply some kind of static harmony and possibly fear of conflict, but it is the experience and expression of the evolutionary impulse that is always seeking for the dynamic realization of higher and deeper potentials. In that context there is room for conflict and friction, but it is creative conflict and friction that is always seeking for the manifestation of the deepest truth and the expression of the highest potential in oneself and another.


Can you imagine experiencing that much trust, freedom and ever-new creativity in relationship with another? Can you imagine experiencing it with many others? Can you imagine having absolutely no doubt that you want to be fully here as an agent of the ONE surging forth into manifest Creation? Can you imagine living in a human culture in which we want and expect the highest from each other?

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