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Open Hearts, Open Hands, Open Voices

10 day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat 2018

Words cannot describe how blessed I and all the participants are to have been participating in this event! I think on the 8th or 9th day it suddenly became so clear to me that we were given an extraordinary manual for happiness and freedom. The only word I am left with to describe the retreat is: complete!

I have never participated in a long retreat that was composed of silent meditation AND then diving into self inquiry and teachings from Pete and Cynthia. 

I am used to explore and talk about the teachings in our Awakened Life groups or women retreats but never have I experienced the teaching in coherent modules from level 0 onwards. This was so powerful to hear all the basics again, but now from a different level of understanding that I have.

I got deeper in touch with the movement of ego and also our inherent freedom and the veils that seem to cover this understanding.

It is so radical what we all endeavor to do! To be free and to express that freedom in every moment!

I saw how important it is to go back and back again to the basics as with deeper understanding of the basics, deeper imposed limitations, self images and other ego movements are revealed. For me this meant seeing how attached I am to the separate sense of self. I saw how almost all the time I go with the movement of self referencing. “What does this experience say over me?” or “Oh no, I don’t like this, what do I do now?”or “ I am afraid of what I have to say is not right or good enough” etc. etc. I could give countless examples... But the punch line is that all the movement is about me, me and me. What can I get?

And even if it doesn’t feel so gross and personal, just making the problem real and trying to solve it is catching ego’s hook. For example I think I have a problem and therefore now I need to fix it - to get back to the state of happiness, goodness or no problem zone that I felt before.

What became very clear in that is that the center of identification is still with the separate sense at this point. I am looking from within contraction to get out of contraction and that doesn’t work.

Through the meditation, inquiry and guidance from Cynthia and Pete, it was very clear and easy to rest deeper and deeper in the knowing of nothing is missing. It is the most important and yet not easy shift to identify with being Consciousness prior to anything. Like they said, Consciousness having a human experience. Nothing needs to be denied but project Sandra falls away then :-)

I experienced consciously how strong the pull towards separation is even though I know without doubt that I am Consciousness and because of that most of the time I don’t feel I have a problem. But the self referencing is still there! I am just more evolved and compared to 10 years ago quite happy and fulfilled.

I am so grateful for the opportunity of diving deeper and to have done this with so many beautiful people! We were all pulled to the big yes, and just by saying YES we don’t need to worry about the big no! It will take care of itself and we will be the vehicles of YES!




One exercise was to ask ourselves how would we, our relationships and actions be like if we would give ourselves the Big Yes? It was very easy for me to write down the following:

Not knowing
Fully engaged

Doing this exercise I saw how these are all qualities that are already inherent in me. This is consciousness/ME in action in its purest form. And again I don’t need to cultivate these qualities for years, they are always already here! I just need to stop avoiding them, then my actions will be manifestations of that!

I can really recommend to all of you to take the time and do this retreat! The deepening of understanding and the importance of it cannot be underestimated! 

One participant said how privileged we are for knowing what we know and I completely agree! Those of us who are in the ALP Sangha are so blessed to be in this context with each others support. And it is so easy, especially once we gain a certain understanding to settle for this. But there is so much further to go! What could we achieve and do if we continuously say YES? If we continuously are available and awake?

Not forced, just naturally resting in the truth of who we are? 

I think we could become open hearts, open hands, open voices.... simply open.

Thank you again so much Cynthia and Pete for this chance and opportunity! You two rock and are an inspiration for me!!!

Much love

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