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Real Life Has Just Begun!

Since adolescence I’ve always been searching for what life is all about, what meaning could it have, how to live a life with purpose. I’ve searched for many years in religion, philosophy, self-development, until I came across Pete’s Fire of the Heart Course. I must say that in the beginning I was really challenged by what Pete was transmitting, and part of it I couldn’t even understand completely, as it was so different from everything I ever came across, and everything I thought life was.

As I gave myself to meditation, stayed open to the teachings, dared to inquire and question over and over again my beliefs and cultural conditioning, I started deconstructing all I thought I was, all I thought this life was about, and found myself walking each day more freely and happier in a brand new world, though everything around me, and my life circumstances remained pretty much the same. I really believe that True Meditation, as Pete teaches it, is a direct doorway into the recognition of who we truly are as Love/Consciousness and to the realization that this nature and consequently our True Happiness and Freedom is always available to us in every moment. I have no doubt that Pete’s clear transmission of the teachings helped to open my perception and understanding, especially when just rationality wasn’t enough, and real trust and surrender was required. Pete’s Course is a really complete journey into the teachings of True Meditation, non-duality, ego transcendence and also on how to live and breed this transformation into life and into the world. It’s also the beginning of a never-ending journey because it reconnects us to Love/Life/Consciousness, and Life becomes this constant invitation to respond and express that (which we truly are) in every moment. That’s the only thing the world needs from us, that’s what life is really about.

Get to the end of the rainbow and call off the search

Because you’ve finally found a Treasure worth living for.

Dare to dive deep into the Mystery of who you are and what life is all about.

Give yourself to True Meditation, trust and surrender to the Fire of your own Heart

And Awaken to the ecstatic freedom, joy and love you already are now, now, now, now...

Get to the end of all your problems, all your needs and all your searches.

Only when you stop searching can the real journey truly begin,   

And though you can’t possibly imagine where it will take you, and who you’ll become

There’s nowhere else to go,

There’s nothing to get or gather,

There’s no one to please, or conquer anymore.

You’re not a taker, you’re a giver.

You have nothing and your cup is full.

You want nothing and your heart rejoices.

You are the love (and the lover) you’ve always searched for.

Feel love, be(live) love, be(come) love.

There’s an unquenchable Fire within.

It will lead the way if you dare to trust it.

Dare to question your thoughts and emotions.

Dare to question your habits and preferences.

Dare to question your strongest beliefs.

Dare to question what Reality is until there’s nowhere to rest your head.

Dare to question who you think you are until there is no one to rest anyway.

Learn to be humble again and again as each truth revealed, each pattern dissolved,

Each change operated within you is not your doing, is not your conquest,

It’s only God/Consciousness/Love finally running Free in Its own Land.

Be humble and bow down to the unbinding Spirit that is breathing you, meditating you,

Animating you with Life/Love energy.

You are not in control, you are not the doer, you are being done.

And finally, you recognize, your Real Life has just begun.

Ana Cruz, Porto

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