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The Seed of Conscious Light

The Seed of Conscious Light


Before there was no form

Only all, everything

Not this, Not that, No name

Pure Conscious Light


After you were born as form

Some-thing, this or that, a name

Born and forgot

Who You really Are 

A seed of Conscious Light


In seeds lies all the wisdom 


Waiting for the right moment to sprout

Waiting to show

The beauty 

The happiness

The light 

A seed of Conscious Light


The seed might feel buried

Covered by dirt 

Comfortable in this place

Uncomfortable small and alone 


Just a seed 

Be humble 

You're just a seed

But a seed of Conscious Light 

And be ready to start sprouting 

When your layers of dirt come off

When you start to reveal yourself to the light 

Coming out the ground for the first time 

You felt naked

You felt vulnerable 

But you felt Free


The light that you are saw the light of everything for the first time 

And discovered it has always been light

The seed of Conscious Light 


You already have all wisdom 

All courage 

All freedom 

There is nothing to wait for 

Only light here and now 


At the same time you are taking the time 

For the right moment 

Cleaning from dirt along the way

To sprout slowly - for the pure sake of sprouting 

To shoot higher and higher - for the pure sake of shooting

To bloom and flower to show all the colors and shapes that You are - for the pure sake of blooming and flowering 


But knowing that you're still

And always will be 

Pure Conscious Light 


And when you grow and bloom and flower 

Don’t forget to spread your seeds 

Far and generous and abundant 

Because that is the only way

You once became a seed yourself 


- Lotte Kauffman, written during the 10 Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat and part of the Sangha of The Awakened Life Project


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