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Testimonials from the Tantric Awakening Retreat

This retreat was like nothing I have experienced before. I have done meditation retreats before with Pete, and was completely blown away by this combination of meditation and also contemplation on my life. Looking at the places where blockages exist from a place of non-judgement was a very healing experience. It allowed me to be completely honest with myself which opened up the space for a healing process that seems to have its own intelligence. I feel completely renewed after this process and do recommend it very highly to anyone who has the opportunity to be a part of a longer retreat like this.

One thing that became very obvious to everyone in the room is that, not only does Pete have a unique level of understanding of the subtleties of consciousness and the nature of its development, he gives himself completely to what he is speaking about. It was very evident Pete's teaching is coming from his own experience, that he is really walking his talk, and this was truly inspiring.

Glen Friedman, USA

I wanted to thank you again for the retreat. It was amazing. The fact we sat and meditated for 10 days was for me phenomenal in itself - previously I would have never thought I'd be capable or even interested in doing that! So much has changed :-)

Once again you really brought alive teachings around non-duality, I knew nothing about the Chakras. I saw them with fresh eyes and both new understanding and experience.

I was listening to a teaching on the commentary to Shantideva's "Guide to the Bodhisattva's way of Life" yesterday and the teacher said "Tantra is creating a new world out of our wisdom realising emptiness". Wow!! Exactly what you were teaching; manifest this new world from the ground of non-duality. I honestly hear and understand these teachings so differently now - it's amazing!

I can't really express the gratitude I feel towards you and Cynthia and the Awakened Life Project as a whole. I've struggled to integrate spirituality into my life and to trust that it really is the most meaningful way (in fact the only way!) to live. You guys and the project have shown me otherwise :-) I feel real strength, confidence and excitement about embracing life. There is purpose!

I know I have felt waves of real Love, care and passion before in the past, which I guess is what drew me to the path, but before when the experience faded I was always  left doubting. However, through your teachings and guidance, I see now that I lost touch with the fact I didn't really know the ground was actually there! But now I know it is and it always is - even when I don't feel it :-) Right now though it feels so big, so expansive, almost tangible - it's incredible.

My experiences feel so different. It's like I'm seeing everything with different eyes. Even sitting on the beach today felt meaningful! The importance of making every moment of this human life count has really hit home :-)

Thank you and I hope you are still flying high ;-)

Rosie, UK

This retreat was beyond anything I could have ever imagined it to be.

We were going really deep right from the first day.

On this ground we went deep into the healing of our chakras just by becoming aware of what they represent culturally and spiritually.

Evolutionary passion ran through me like a fire burning.

There was a healing process going on that was beyond mind and rational understanding. Our intention and timeless wisdom was working by itself and the impact of that will only become clear over time.

I sense that my soul was nourished by the very source that created it.

The power of truth healed us on a very deep level.

I am deeply grateful.

I have to say I was very inspired by the whole team serving.

By all the people on the retreat.
Very committed!

And by Pete showing all his strength, wisdom, challenge, passion for a revolution and care and love.

Thank you so much for blowing my mind

For finding this voice deep inside me
that just knows,

that Is knowing.
Ever changing and unchanged.

 "I am Strength,

going deep, not holding back,

seeing the dark and seeing the light.

Loosing my mind and seeing through it.

I am wild

undiscovered empty ground

fearless and still

With all the strength of my heart

I can not deny anymore
I am here

We are here to make a change!

We are here to make a difference!

I am here to make a difference

May it be small or big in expression."

Sia Bauer, Germany


For me it was the most inspiring and also challenging journey I made in my whole life!!

10 days just being by yourself in silence and take the journey inward and evaluate yourself without judgment with only one purpose: To be free, evolve and experience oneness with all that is. I don’t have to be perfect, nobody does, but I have to grow up and evolve. I am a work of God in progress and I can heal myself !!

The retreat gave me clarity about this work I have to do because Pete very well explained the connection with the chakra’s and how to include and transcend them. Just meditating that way and being in silence gave me a lot of answers. The breathing exercises helped me to relax and not to get lost too much in thoughts. I am normally a very busy and active woman with always things to do but this retreat made me slow down and let everything be as it was. Everything is already perfect.

Doing the qi qong made me more aware of the subtle energies of my body, nature, other people. Already after a few days the colours of flowers were brighter than ever and it was as if I could breath in the colours. Saying the chants out loud trained my throat chakra It is like I still hear them inside of me. I use the tantra breathing exercise to send light to my chakra's and to keep the energy flowing. And last but not least the meditation on the beach: We were sooo blessed that day... I have no words for it.

Thank you Pete for all the presents you gave to me and the whole group. The awakened family has a special place in my heart and wow the food was awesome thanks to the Avidanjateam.I really felt at home and I feel that the seeking is over. It is all there in me.

I am divinity defined, I am the God on the inside, I am a star, a piece of it all.…

Ingrid Boeye, Holland



This retreat was really special. Less of a retreat in fact and more of a creative advance into the Absolute! Pete really pushed us to see more and go further, training us to be spiritual warriors ready for the field of Life…and Death.
I learned that our meditation has the same, if more more importance than eating and drinking and sleeping!

Anita Sandle, Reino Unido


It was incredible to see the evolutionary process coming through Peter. Your talks on the chakras alone were worth participation on this Retreat, because you were able to transmit how we are psychophysically connected to the entire history of life. It seems like a never before seen approach. The questions you gave after each chakra contemplation made the implications of the chakra energies in life and action clear and have the potential of deep transformation and healing as we saw in some participants.

My meditations deepened like never before and it was due to the deep meditation field which was there from the beginning and the very transmissive question and answer sessions.  The oneness was tangible and your answers where going right into the heart. I loved how you structured the Retreat, so there was a balanced mixture between exercise, meditation, contemplation, talks and free time, which where all together very supportive to naturally dive deep into reality.

Jutta Weiske, Germany


This retreat was quite an unexpected adventure for me. Not only did we go deep into the liberating silence of sheer nothingness, but this time we also brought that ground of being up to a wider context of evolution and creative impulse, within the context of an integral understanding. From deep in …to far out…to deep in again…passionate and genuine teaching would just spontaneously outpour from Pete, and from that still place of meditation the fire and depth of his transmission would come full blast.

I have actually no doubt that what happened there had consequences way beyond words and content and that Pete's presence at that point was an expression of what he actually taught.

To me this retreat was a tipping point in clarifying what the Awakened Life Project is all about in all its multifaceted dimensions, in such a way that it brought a new level of understanding, sense of purpose, and inspiration. 

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to take part of such an evolutionary event - and my gratitude also goes to everyone involved making it possible, and to Pete who has been a shining example of becoming an authentic expression of one’s own deeper purpose and passion.

Joel Besace, France


This retreat touched me in a way that no other has done so far. I feel I woke up for the first time to the evolution of consciousness beyond my rational understanding. It is so new, that I cant even put it into words

Pete took me on a journey, through the history of our manifested universe and at the same time to the never changing ground of being.

I understand now more deeply, that the next evolutionary step of human kind is to awaken not as an individual alone, but as a collective intelligence. We are now able to evolve consciously, and the potential for what we can create is unlimited. Life is not about getting enlightened to get out of here, but to understand that we are the creator and the created itself and to move that unbelievable process forward. Not with our minds, but through a deep understanding of both our never changing side and our ever changing side, which is fundamentally the same.

Sandra Szostak, Germany


Silence. Emptiness. Non duality. The biggest healer. The Ego. Our role in the evolution of Consciousness/Universe...

At school, we learn that we are like an iceberg: what we think we know about our self is only at the surface of water. But the biggest part of the iceberg is under water... and here is where our deepest feelings, emotions, memories, fears and unresolved experiences live. Here is where our responses to daily life are generated, many times without us being consciousness of that, causing separation and duality.

Here is where we can also access many answers and the “Greatest healer” and experience immediate cures, both psychological or physical.

Here is also where we can find our Consciousness and a place in Peace, “with no problem, no expectation and no struggle”...

At a certain point we felt like we all were just one big Consciousness inside that meditation room, one gigantic and unlimited Being.

I had the experience the fusion between Earth and Universe, during a qi kung lesson. For the first time to have the blessed experience of feeling my chakras and the Earth's subtle energy.

Here I learned the importance of chakras. They are not just some points where we send energy in some energetic healing technique. They contain so much wisdom about our self, about our fears, our ambitions... so a consciousness self-observation is the key to unblock these chakras. This way we are not passively just laying down to received energy but we are indeed making the healing, aware of what has caused the problem and with the knowledge of what should be our new approach to life in order to live our full potential.

Thank you so much for all the teachings about the Ego and how to recognize it.

The Ego is never ready to live the present moment, it feels safe in the past or project happiness in the future. When we just let go, when we “take a stand in the absolute” we are free and aligned with the intension of evolution of the universe. And this is the most beautifull and profound feeling that we can experience, in my opinion.

Thank you so much for all you have shared with us during those 10 days. It helped me to discover the real “me” under all the fears and doubts of the ego. I received foundations to built a new life and I feel ready. And it will be great to see what we all will be doing in 10, 15 years after this new rebirth...

Anabela Natividade, Portugal

Thank you for so well organizing this wonderful dive into the deep ocean of the Absolute. The waters were very refreshing and I continue to enjoy the fruits of this great ten days meditation retreat. Even after more than a week back into the rat race; this crazy parallel reality I used to call my “normal life”…Avidanja was a perfect setting for our adventure: a beautiful place, a very warm welcome, very good diving vibes and top of the bill vegetarian food! Surely a place to remember…

So everything was perfect? Heck no! Early gong, several hours of meditation, absolute silence, daily contemplations on non-duality, a new vision on the chakras and a touch of chi gong. You’re cocktail appeared to be pretty lethal for the ego and the retreat surely not always felt like a pleasure cruise to me. The first three days anyway. The sea could be pretty rough from time to time, but I managed to hold on tightly to my meditation cushion. J

In the meantime the new information and visions got well integrated and I would put on my wetsuit immediately for a new dive with you and all the other wonderful participants! It was great to be physically connected with all these wonderful like-minded (or like-no-minded) people! Love you all!

Some sticking reflections after two weeks? A small selection: I am the Now. I am Consciousness. I am no-body. I am no-thing. Respiration is the ultimate link between Absolute and Relative. I love being headless. Breath meditation is simple and can easily be accessed throughout the whole day. Every meditation should be the first. Let’s consciously realize prefect happiness and enjoy the bliss of Nirvana. Standing strong in the Absolute is our obligation to our Self. There is no way back. …

Filipe, Belgium


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