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What Remains is Love

What does it mean to be on the spiritual path? Are we not all spiritual beings having a human experience, as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin says?

So, in truth, there is no path, there is just this human being to be experienced in all its wonders – and to remember that this is just one of the many manifestations of Consciousness.

Why, then, is there so much resistance and doubt in my direct experience? I have come to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, the Quinta da Mizarela, with nothing to do but be my Self and remember and live the Truth of who I am.

"No, I don’t want to, I want to get away, I want to do “my thing”." 

"Well, but what is that, your thing?"

"I don’t know, but it’s surely better than facing this utter simplicity and happiness of just being!"

"Oh, … really?"

The absurdity of this kind or argumentation is probably clear to everyone reading this. Still, it was, and to a degree, still is part of my direct experience.

When I look very closely, though, and be very honest with my Self, I can see the following:

Here, at the Quinta da Mizarela, as part of the Sangha of the Awakened Life Project, I am invited to drop all my masks, to let go of all my ideas about who I should be, to stop trying to maintain an assumed entity that seems to be separate from everything else. 

What remains is: Love. Love shining through the eyes of the people I am living here with. Love being reflected in the drops of water splashing down in the waterfalls around the Quinta. Love rustling through the leaves of the oak and many other trees on the slopes. 

In the depth of my being there is boundless Joy; a will to express herself uninhibitedly, a Desire to dive into Life without limitation, an urge to create.

It is so simple. It is so, so simple.

I experienced that, in spite of having seen this Truth, doubts and resistance keep arising. Sometimes very strongly, sometimes in a subtle way. But you know what – it doesn’t matter, because “what is going on in your mind doesn’t mean anything”, as Pete said during the weekend meditation retreat in September. Those are just thoughts arising, presenting themselves as experiences. I, as Awareness, can choose whether I pay attention to them, contract around them and fall into the separate sense of self – or just let them be as they are.

“You are not your experience, you are that which is aware”, Cynthia is reminding us over and over again. What an insight! 

We are just here to enjoy this movie of Life, this display of apparitions.

So let’s dive into this movie full of Mystery, Love and Joy, no matter where I am – whether at the Quinta, in a noisy metropolis, an exotic country, or sitting still at a waterfall.

Sonja Herberth, Germany



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