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1 Day Virtual Retreat - Understanding Ego - Going Beyond the Personal Drama NOV 11
11/11/2017 @ 11:00 - 11/11/2017 @ 20:00
100,00 €
1 - Day Virtual Retreat with Cynthia Bampton. This retreat is limited to 25 people and caters to people in Europe and UK time zones.


Many of us today are reaching for a new way of being together. We are starting to wake up to a deeper dimension of ourselves that is beyond all of our problems and limitations. Some are waking up to a new potential for how human beings can relate to each other and the world around us when we free ourselves from old habits based on cultural conditioning, ideas and outdated beliefs. Some have had glimpses of possibilities of a new human culture based on trust, transparency and co-operation. Many have had direct experiences of the truth that we are not separate - from each other, the planet or ourselves - and long to live our highest understanding.

But many people also are frustrated when they do not manifest the Love that they know themselves to be.  If we have understood there is no separation why do we so often do or say things that do not express our highest potential? Why do we cause suffering to ourselves and others? Why do we consistently place limitations on ourselves and those around us?

At the Awakened Life Project our definition of ego is the insistence that separation and limitation is real, it is the insistence that we are isolated, alone and cut off from the source of Life itself when in reality Life, the Mystery, Consciousness Itself is always here, always available if we have the eyes to see and the courage to respond.

So how do we rest in this deeper dimension of ourselves that is calling us?  Many times people say “I  just want to Myself” but there is a lack of understanding of who this ‘self’ actually is that we are longing for.  Is this ‘self the sum of all my ideas and feelings or is it something far beyond that? We are hypnotized by the attachment to conditioned thoughts and feelings and we are convinced that this is ‘me’ AND to differing degrees we intuit that this is or may not be the truth.

All human beings need to find and rest more deeply in the part of ourselves that is always free, still, alive.  And we need to understand the habit of consciously and unconsciously turning away from this Truth.  We need to understand what ego is and how it manifests in our experience in real time. It is only then that we can start to make choices based on Love and Care and not separation, fear and desire.


  • Discovering the ever-new answer to the question, Who Am I?
  • Understanding the habit of ego in yourself and others
  • Transcending endless personal dramas
  • Making different choices in the life you are living
  • Understanding how to be free within yourself and in your relationships
  • Finding deep happiness that transcends circumstance
  • Coming together with others in a new potential

Then this one-day retreat may be what you are looking for!

This retreat is limited to 25 people.  Cynthia loves to engage in smaller groups where she has the chance to work with people individually and to create an intimate space between participants.  One of Cynthia’s strengths is to demystify the habit of ego in the context of the deeper truth that we are always already free and she helps people to understand their human situation from this context.   


  • Guided Meditations 
  • Short Talks about Ego and Non-Duality 
  • Facilitated Smaller Group Discussions  
  • Question and Answer sessions 


November 11, 2017 - 11am - 8pm GMT (UK time + 1hr)


Places are strictly limited to 25 to ensure individual contact with Cynthia so book early.

Individual price paid before October 15th - €90

Individual price paid after October 15th  - €100

Group prices (over 3 people) –10% off complete price €100 at anytime  - A group means that people are physically together in one place.



Cynthia Bampton is the co-founder of the Awakened Life Project, has been a teacher of evolutionary spirituality for over 10 years. She is the teacher to both men and women; her primary passion is to help people live the simple and deep spiritual truth of non-duality, in relationship, here and now. She has been working with women for years, has a vast understanding of women's cultural conditioning and spiritual reality that transcends that conditioning. She teaches internationally through talks, retreats, online courses, women's and mixed groups and personal mentoring. She is originally from California, has lived all over the world, has over 25 years of experience in community, a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido and the co-founder of two businesses.


I am still resonating from the retreat, like a bell that has been rung and the vibrations go on forever. It was deeply transformational, with some moments that truly snapped me open, like a depth charge that shakes one's whole being. The single most amazing, beautiful and mind-blowing realization was that all I have to do is Rest. No trying to be aware of awareness, no struggle to let things be, no doing. Just resting as consciousness. How simple. How wonderfully mysterious Life is and how lucky I am to be alive! 

Thank you Cynthia for your transmission and the lessons you gave me. I am letting go of the boat and paying attention to the language of separation, noticing it all around me and curious about when I adopt it. It helps me be more compassionate with loved ones when I realize they behave as they do because they feel separate.

Jane – Canada

Understanding ego has been a cornerstone in the way I perceive life, both on a intellectual/metaphysical sense and on a very practical one. It has helped making sense of patterns of behavior and response that I perpetuate in a semi-conscious choice that are both non-productive and not representative of my true nature. In fact through understanding ego I have learnt what I truly am by realizing what I am not. 

A lot of what I understand of ego and my True Self has come from Cynthia. Her clarity of thought and deep understanding of non-duality has been the basis of my own understanding. And more importantly, her own life and action as an expression of her teachings have been an endless source of inspiration and the living example that living beyond ego is not only possible but achievable to anyone who truly commits to it.

Raquel D - Portugal

During the time I have spent with Cynthia Bampton I have learned through experience that Ego is not an entity inside me, but simply a movement I can choose to go with or not. Putting into practice conscious choice has changed my relationship to everything, especially to what I thought I didn’t like. My willingness to welcome opportunities, to go through doors I would be scared to walk through, to face challenges I would have avoided, has changed everything and made life so full as the sky is full of stars. With life, I mean body, spirit and the love between myself and others. Life has become a constant miracle that pulls me to move forward with curiosity, welcoming human relationships and their potential. Understanding and seeing through the illusion of Ego has made me understand that love is always everywhere. Thank you Cynthia for all of your help!

Jutta - Germany

"Since working with Cynthia and gaining a deeper understanding of what the ego really is and how we allow it to get in the way of who we truly are, I can say that life has radically changed for me, and I am freed from a prison that I could not really see was there. I am happier, less judgmental of myself and others and Love seeing the next steps that life has to offer.

Cynthia has been totally uncompromising in her teachings and stand for freedom, and to help others including myself see past the limitation and suffering we inflict on ourselves. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude, respect and Love for how she has guided and inspired me to where I am resting today.”

David - UK

Understanding the working of ego was the puzzle piece that was missing for me to realize that there is nothing to seek for and that fundamentally I am already whole and complete. Nothing is missing. The biggest relief I could ever imagine and everything fell into place. Joy, happiness, (my) Life´s purpose...simply everything became a source of goodness and evolution. Mistakes, fear, or conditioning are nothing to be afraid of but a precious opportunity to grow and to understand Life. An opportunity to become a more loving expression of who I already am.

Cynthia is continuously supporting me and many others on our journey and I am truly happy and grateful to have her in my life and to walk this path together!

Sandra - Germany

Cynthia's depth, sensitivity, transparency, care and love are extremely captivating and every time I am with her I feel even more inspired to live up to what I know in my own experience. In the last few months she has been mentoring the community that my wife and I have created 3 years ago and every session not only brings a lot to the 4 of us, but also enables us to take our journey together even further. I am very grateful to be a friend and a student of Cynthia and I highly recommend her work to anyone genuinely interested in ego transcendence and in realising our already free nature.”

 Ricardo - Portugal




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