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5 Day New Year Fire of the Heart Retreat with Peter Bampton
27/12/2020 @ 19hr - 01/01/2021 @ 17hr
Avidanja, Montemor-o-velho
470,00 €
Have you ever considered how your life would change if the clarity, vibrancy and radical freedom of Awakened Consciousness was something that you could access and express consistently? Join Peter for a 5 day immersion in the integral non-dual teachings of The Fire of the Heart and Spiritual Celebration of the New Year.

If you have spent any time on a spiritual path you have probably experienced moments or periods of Awakened Consciousness to some degree and tasted the profound and liberating Freedom, Happiness and Love that is your own True Nature. But probably, as is the case for most people, the insight, clarity and joy that may have liberated you in your highest and deepest moments, tends to gradually fade away, often leaving you wondering where it came from and whether it is actually possible to become a living, breathing expression of your deepest understanding.

In this 5 Day New Year Retreat Peter will take you on a journey that can lead you directly into a sustained process of Spiritual Awakening. The progressive and integral non-dual teachings of The Fire of the Heart that Peter offers will enable you to close the gap between your deepest intuitive knowing and the actuality of the life that you are living in the world. 

The Spiritual Awakening that you will experience during this Retreat is the liberation of your awareness from its current habitual patterns of perception. We have all been conditioned to see, think and feel in unexamined ways that create a very convincing illusion of reality that few human beings ever fundamentally question.

On this Retreat you will enter into a profoundly alive, open and powerful field of Consciousness catalyzed by the meditation, inquiry and embodied embrace that Peter will share. Through your own wholehearted participation in this field of Consciousness you will be released from familiar mental patterns and conditioned limits on feeling and you will begin to experience a Transcendent Freedom, Peace and overflowing sense of True Fulfillment that will take you beyond anything you have ever known.

Your participation in this retreat will include a complimentary copy of Peter´s new book in English or Portuguese. The Fire of the Heart is a penetrating and profound journey into the radical immediacy and evolutionary potential of Spiritual Awakening here and now. Anchored in a simple yet illuminating approach to True Meditation, the Awakening Process that Peter describes is direct, contemporary, and includes the totality of manifest existence in its integral embrace. His writing is fluid and accessible for beginners with no previous experience of meditation or the spiritual path, and also reveals a subtlety about the nature of mind and non-duality that offers infinite depth for even the most experienced aspirants.

More Information in English - Mais Informação em Portugûes

This book is groundbreaking. It gives a deep insight into the question: what is Spirituality? It is written for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners, as it takes one on a journey into the existential question ” Who am I?” and the implications this has for human life. It took me deeper and deeper into an Unknown what is evolving itself. It took me to the Heart Itself. It took me to the clear recognition that the journey never ends and yet is already complete.
Jutta Weiske, Germany

This book is a must for any seeker that truly wants to become a finder. It is a guide to ignite the Fire of the Heart, with a clear exposition of the human predicament and concrete directions for practices that best support stabilizing Spiritual Awakening. It beautifully impels you to radically transform from a self-serving orientation towards Life to surrender into The Power That Knows The Way.
Natasha Leite, Portugal

You can get a taste of Peter's Teaching and Transmission in these videos...


To summarize:

In this Retreat you will experience:

  • A profound and simple approach to True Meditation as a Direct Doorway to Spiritual Awakening
  • Penetrating Teachings that will enable you to observe, understand and ultimately transcend the patterning of the psychological and cultural ego
  • Tools for Self-Inquiry that will give you consistent access to Non-Dual Consciousness to every moment
  • Spiritual Practice in a context of no-seeking
  • The Transformational Alchemy of the Fire of the Heart
  • Spontaneous movement and Qi Gong to facilitate a whole-body integration of the Awakening Process
  • A spiritually charged and highly creative space to explore the deeper implications of Collective Awakening with others

The will be plenty of time for solitary reflection, a spiritually magnified Celebration at midnight on New Year's Eve and on New Year's Day, if the weather permits, we will meditate and take a walk together on a beautiful nearby beach.

What has attracted me was the clarity and distinctness of the message conveyed by Peter Bampton. A simple, direct message, without dogma, and without the esotericism of the “New Age” culture, a real breath of fresh air. Peter takes us to the foundation of what true spirituality is, at the same time without taking our feet off the ground and leading us to take responsibility for the exercise of our personal and collective power. We are essentially challenged to ask the truly important questions: “Who Am I?”, “What makes me Suffer?”, “What is it to be Happy?”, “Am I Free?”…It is also a proposal for personal and collective freedom, of contextualization in the face of our accumulated cultural burden, and openness to a new paradigm of evolutionary consciousness. A proposal that can break down the barriers that separate us from our essence, from others, and from the “reality” we experience. 
Luis Ferreira, Portugal



Avidanja is situated in the Mondego valley, surrounded by rice fields in a small habitat of 10 houses. You can still find a bit of the old Portugal here and feel the breath the Atlantic air as we are nearby the ocean. We are inviting you to stay at our cozy place built with love and creativity to enjoy small Retreats in a family-like atmosphere. You will be served delicious vegetarian meals - always with fresh salads - nutritiously balanced at our new community kitchen in the middle of a beautiful garden.


Prices for this retreat are broken up into two parts:  the cost of the retreat facilitation and the cost of the food/ accommodation.  Prices for the retreat facilitation also reflect the different economic situations in Portugal and other countries.

Cost of Retreat for Portuguese living in Portugal - 270 euros

Cost of Retreat for Foreigners or Portuguese living outside of Portugal - 335 euros

Prices for Accommodation/Food:

There are 3 options based on different accommodation. All prices include 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day:

200€ - dormitory (4-5 people in each dormitory - dormitories are set up so you have a separate space - no bunk beds!)

250€ - double room per person

300€ - single room

So please choose your accommodation and then add 270 to the cost if you are Portuguese living in Portugal or if you live in another country or are a Portuguese living outside of Portugal please choose your accommodation and then add 335 to the cost if you are not! :) For example, if you are Portuguese and you want to stay in a dorm, the cost is 250 + 200 for a total of 450 euros.

If you have financial difficulty in order to attend please write to us and tell us why you want to come to the retreat and what price you can afford.  We will respond with what is possible for us.

Any questions please contact: for more information.

To Inscribe please fill out the form on the side of this page.

I have to share with you the feeling of happiness I have been carrying with me since the retreat. It is overwhelming to perceive the difference inside me, despite the shortness of the time we spent together. Yet you emanate such a positive energy that makes it impossible to stay indifferent if one is prepared to open up to your teachings and valuable approach. I feel in balance with what surrounds me. I feel closer to others, to nature, to what is important. I feel closer to the essence of self, which has allowed me to develop more acceptance. I am more inclined to harmony and love and it seems I am discovering certain aspects of life as if I were seeing them for real for the first time ever. I might not have experienced the ultimate state of enlightenment, however I am positive that, with your guidance, I was able to go through a door which will take me to the next stage of consciousness.
Rita Martins, Portugal

A retreat not to be missed! Absolutely transformative and powerful! I never imagined that just stopping for one week to meditate and to contemplate could have such a profound impact on my life. It is one week later and I still have the sense that the retreat touched me in ways I still can not see. Everything is much more meaningful and feels like a new beginning. It was all magical ... the landscapes (including a stroll and meditation on the beach), the delicious food, the unity of the group even in silence, the contemplations on non-duality that Peter gave us, the questions and answers at night. Simply amazing ... no more words to describe it!
Ana Fonseca, Porto



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