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7 Day Fire of the Heart Retreat with Peter Bampton
23/08/2019 @ 19hr - 31/08/2019 @ 17.30hr
Quinta da Mizarela, Awakened Life Project Ashram, Benfeita, Arganil
650,00 €
Have you ever considered how your life would change if the clarity, vibrancy and radical freedom of Awakened Consciousness was something that you could access and express consistently? Join Peter for a one week intensive immersion in the Integral Non-Dual teachings of The Fire of the Heart.

***Discounted price available for those who can bring their own tents to offer - see below in pricing section***

If you have spent any time on a spiritual path you have probably experienced moments or periods of Awakened Consciousness to some degree and tasted the profound and liberating Freedom, Happiness and Love that is your own True Nature. But probably, as is the case for most people, the insight, clarity and joy that may have liberated you in your highest and deepest moments, tends to gradually fade away, often leaving you wondering where it came from and whether it is actually possible to become a living, breathing expression of your deepest understanding.

In this one week Retreat Peter will take you on a journey that can lead you directly into a sustained process of Spiritual Awakening. The progressive and integral non-dual teachings of The Fire of the Heart that Peter offers will enable you to close the gap between your deepest intuitive knowing and the actuality of the life that you are living in the world. 

The Spiritual Awakening that you will experience during this Retreat is the liberation of your awareness from its current habitual patterns of perception. We have all been conditioned to see, think and feel in unexamined ways that create a very convincing illusion of reality that few human beings ever fundamentally question.

On this Retreat you will enter into a profoundly alive, open and powerful field of Consciousness catalyzed by the meditation and inquiry that Peter will share. Through your own wholehearted participation in this field of Consciousness you will be released from familiar mental patterns and conditioned limits on feeling and you will begin to experience a Transcendent Freedom, Peace and overflowing sense of True Fulfillment that will take you beyond anything you have ever known.

Your participation in this retreat will include a complimentary copy of Peter´s new book.

To summarize:

In this Retreat you will experience:

  • A profound and simple approach to Meditation as a Direct Doorway to Spiritual Awakening
  • Penetrating Teachings that will enable you to observe, understand and ultimately transcend the patterning of the psychological and cultural ego
  • Tools for Self-Inquiry that will give you consistent access to Non-Dual Consciousness to every moment
  • Spiritual Practice in a context of no-seeking
  • The Transformational Alchemy of the Fire of the Heart
  • Spontaneous movement and Qi Gong to facilitate a whole-body integration of the Awakening Process
  • A spiritually charged and highly creative space to explore the deeper implications of Spiritual Awakening with others


You can listen to these audio clips below to get a taste of what The Fire of the Heart is all about...




Towards the end of this Retreat Peter will show the documentary film Conscious Light about the remarkable life and teachings of his greatest inspiration, Spiritual Master Adi Da Samraj. The film features spiritually profound exchanges between Adi Da and his students over the course of more than three decades, including transcendent moments of sublime silence and spiritual transmission. 



We offer a discounted rate for Portuguese to reflect the different economic reality here compared with Northern Europe and America. Price includes everything for the retreat. We have 4 rooms available for those who need them.  Please email us for information. We have tents for those who don't have their own. Because we have only have so many of our tents we offer a 75 euro discount for the retreat for those who can bring their own tents to help us out. 

For Portuguese: 550€ per person

For people coming from abroad: 650€ per person 

100€ non-refundable deposit per person to reserve your place. Full payment is due by August 15th.

Prices include 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day.

Any questions please contact: for more information.

To Inscribe please fill out the form on the side of this page.

If you really want to participate in the Retreat but do not have the financial means we also have a Gift Economy option.

The Quinta da Mizarela Ashram is situated in a secluded and beautiful valley in the Serra do Açor mountains of Central Portugal. You will have the opportunity to go for walks, to take dips in the pristine pools and waterfalls and generally enjoy the breathtaking beauty and deep peaceful presence of the Quinta which is the spiritual Ashram and Heart of The Awakened Life Project.


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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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