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7 Day New Year Retreat - SOLD OUT
27/12/2019 @ 19:00 — 03/01/2020 @ 18:00
Avidanja, Montemor-o-velho, Coimbra
705,00 €
THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT - Renew your Spirit at New Year by diving into the silence of deep meditation, bringing the mystery of spiritual freedom alive through simple yet profound teachings. Cynthia will guide everyone into the wonder, peace and joy of Pure Being.








Video invitation to this retreat from Cynthia





New Year is a time to reflect on the previous year and open up to new possibilities in the coming year.  Many times people make “New Years Resolutions” about habits they want to change, be it to quit smoking, to have better relationships or to try something new.  Many times these resolutions last for a short time and then become distant memories or a reason to feel disappointed in oneself. In this way we lose confidence in our ability to change.

This retreat will give participants a much bigger context in which to address the challenge of real change. You will experience a deeply liberating understanding of who you really are prior to all of the ‘problems’, ‘habits’ and ‘fears’ that you may experience in your everyday life.  Through meditation and dialog Cynthia will guide everyone into this deeper dimension.  This video of participants sharing their experience after a recent retreat communicates the joy, peace and clarity of this journey of Awakening...

Meditation will be the ground that we will use to go deeper into ourselves.  Everyday we will spend time in silence with meditation sessions throughout the day.  Everyday there will be a question and answer session to help guide you in this process. 

Resting in the happiness, peace and love that is our True Nature we will then explore the conditioned mechanism of the separate ego that is the root of all our psychological suffering. It is our unconscious identification with this illusory sense of self that source of our fear, shame, confusion, disillusionment and self destructive behavior.  When the ego "I" is the one making our ‘New Years Resolutions’  then it is not surprising that we fail year after year. 

Understanding the habit of ego in oneself, in real time, in relationship with fellow participants can be liberating and even joyous.  Shame and embarrassment are dissolved as we recognize that egoic patterns are not personal problems but unconscious habits that we can help each other to transcend through understanding them.

Cynthia will facilitate a deep experience of joy and celebration of being alive, here and now, as you already are.  Because a retreat with Cynthia is an experience that is alive, spontaneous and dynamic, what may happen in this retreat is largely unknown as the content of the retreat is based on the participants and what is happening day by day. 

However you can be sure to experience the following:

  • 7 days where silence will be the ground from which you move
  • Meditation
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Nature walks
  • Spontaneous movement
  • Silent time on the beach (weather permitting)
  • A special event on Dec 31st at midnight

A message from a participant of a past retreat...

This retreat is for people who:

  • Intuit that there is something more to Life then what they currently experience
  • Want to be with other human beings in a deeper context of love and support
  • Want to celebrate Life from a place of giving and receiving
  • Are interested in real change and willing to do the work that real change demands
  • Want to have a deeper understanding of what holds them back from happiness
  • Are willing to let their hearts open and sing

If you are interested in the things mentioned above then you are most welcome to join us for this retreat!  If you are not then this retreat is probably not for you.

So if you would like to do something different this New Years that may have a profound effect on the life you are living then this retreat may be just what you are looking for. 

Here are a couple of short videos to give you a flavor of how Cynthia teaches.  If you would like to see or hear more from Cynthia please go the webinar page with her most recent webinars.

Following last years New Year's Retreat Cynthia spoke about why New Years Resolutions don't work.

For the full interview please click here

The retreat is limited to 20 people so please reserve early. 

The retreat will begin with dinner at 7pm on 27th Dec and will end at 5.30pm 3rd Jan.


To be announced


As mentioned toward the end of the 7 day retreat, weather permitting, we will go for a silent stroll on the beach and meditate together before the crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean. The beach is very beautiful and it can speak to us in different languages ​in a period of silence. So it is very important to bring warm clothes. And throughout your stay we offer a cozy lounge with fireplace to hear the song of the fire ...


Prices are broken up into the cost of the retreat and food and accommodation.  Prices for the retreat will also reflect the different economic situations in Portugal and other countries.

Cost of Retreat for Portuguese living in Portugal - 325 euros

Cost of Retreat for Foreigners or Portuguese living outside of Portugal - 425 euros

Prices for Accommodation and Food:

There are 3 options based on different accommodation. All prices include 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day:

280€ - dormitory (4-5 people in each dormitory - dormitories are set up so you have a separate space - no bunk beds!)

350€ - double room per person

420€ - single room

So please choose your accommodation and then add 325 to the cost if you are Portuguese living in Portugal or choose your accommodation and then add 425 to the cost if you are not! :)

If you have financial difficulty in order to attend please write to us and tell us why you want to come to the retreat and what price you can afford.  We will respond with what is possible for us.

To reserve please fill out the form on the right sidebar. If you have any questions please contact:




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