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Awakened Life Project Transformation Intensive August 2020
27/07/2020 - 3/09/2020
Awakened Life Project
2.400,00 €
This 6 week Intensive is a deep dive into the essence of who you are beyond conditioned behavior and ideas. This course includes our annual 10-Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat, daily teachings with Cynthia and Pete Bampton, group interactions, yoga, meditation and communal engagement.

***********Due to the Corona Virus situation we are living in uncertain times now.  We are planning to go forward with all of our events until we find out that it is not possible.  If you would like to reserve your space please inscribe and pay your deposit.  If the event does not happen we will be happy to return your deposit.  We will cancel at least 7-10 days before the event so you know ahead of time.  Let's hope for the best and see what happens!  We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.*******************

We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about our new educational intensive at the Awakened Life Project. We have developed this intensive as a response to the many people who are interested in joining the Awakened Life Project for a substantial period of time and who want to fully experience all the dimensions of what we have to offer. 

This intensive will begin 2 weeks  before our annual 10 day Evolutionary Awakening retreat.  The retreat will be included in the Intensive.  Once  you read the information about the retreat you will see that we will go deeply into the fundamentals of what the Intensive  is about.  During the 3 weeks after the retreat we wil go deeper into each topic and continue the process that will have already begun before and during the retreat.  

See at the bottom of this page for prices and details.

So many people these days want to know how to live successfully in community, how to respond authentically and effectively to their personal relationships and the converging crisis in today’s society and how to actualize the inner calling that so many people are experiencing to reach for something higher. We ran this intensive in the Fall of 2012 for the first time and because of its remarkable success we have been running this course ever since.

During this 6 week residential Transformation Intensive you will experience a high frequency field of spiritual awakening, creativity and evolutionary education in the context of community life. This Intensive is an immersion in an integral context of higher development in which important dimensions of what it means to be a human being are embraced. So if you are interested in a dynamic, rich and positively challenging communal experience which includes daily meditation, evolutionary spirituality, awakened communication, yoga, and qi gong, then we hope you will consider joining us.

We feel that the best way for you to discover what this opportunity is all about is to hear directly from participants whose lives and been deeply impacted by their participation in a past Intensive here at the Awakened Life Project...


6 Weeks of Evolution by Esteban Ferrero, Colombia

Breaking the Chains Around my Heart by Adam El Jaouhari, Morocco

A Haven of True Insight by Tree Kelly, UK

Feeling and Being Light by Katja Schlaefli, Switzerland

I Cannot Stop Smiling by Fiona Maguire, Ireland

A Seed for a New World by Daniella Rubiano, Colombia


Earlier Participants...

Open you wings! Give up your story! by Angela Rodrigues

By Far the Most Growing Experience I Have Ever Had by Nana, Colombia

The Overwhelming Positivity of Consciousness by Andrea, Colombia

Truly Surrendering to God  by Daniela, Colombia

Gaining a Greater Horizon by Steffen & Ronya, Germany

Have Nothing, Know Nothing, Be No-one and Give Everything! by João Serrano, Portugal



 Freefall into the Future by Sky CullenUK


Living for the Whole by Sandra SzosakGermany

Two Months of Transformation by Raquel PerdigaoPortugal

A Greenhouse for Growing Souls by Soren Chirica, Romania

Permission to be a Fully Authentic, Vulnerable and Conscious Human Being by Rob McGhee, Wales

God is Real and Life is Fantastic by Pedro Morais, Portugal

The goal of the Awakened Life Project is to create a new human culture based on consciousness beyond ego in harmony with the ecological web of life.

Click here to read our about our Vision. If this vision lights you up then this opportunity could be for you!

This 6 week Intensive addresses many key challenges for humanity in 21st century and can provide life-changing answers to deep personal questions that you may be facing in your life today. It provides powerful teachings, tools, hands on experience and solutions to help you begin to truly LIVE an Awakened Life. 

Aspects of this unique transformative learning process include:

• 4 sessions per week with Cynthia and/or Pete Bampton
• Personal guidance to help you wake up and change
• Presentations on Non-Duality and Evolutionary Spirituality

  Daily meditation and devotional practices
• Participating in the joy of community life in an evolutionary context

• 10  Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat
• Guidance and participation in the art of Awakened Communication
• 3 Yoga classes, optional Qi Gong sessions and 2 guided nature walks each week
• Harvesting Wild Edibles
• Preparing & eating delicious mostly Vegetarian Food

You will join 8-9 other participants in this adventure from all over the world who are committed to discovering an Awakened Life.

This intensive is only for people who are open and committed to change and want to make a significant positive impact on our world. Everyone's ego is challenged in this course! 

Requirements for Participants:

• Open to new ideas and philosophies
• Committed to change within themselves
• Willing to engage in community life – conversation, food prep, cleaning, etc.
• Willing to do physical work on the project – 3 hours per day, Monday through Friday
• Meditating with community members at least 2 times per day 
• There are no drugs, alcohol or smoking permitted on the project

All community members here will be available and completely committed to your evolution! If you are committed to your evolution and are open to what we have to offer we can promise that you will be a very different person from the one who arrived!

Summer Intensive runs from July 27th to Sept 3rd, 2020

Cost: Because of the financial hard times here in Portugal we offer 2 prices - 1800€ for Portuguese (living in Portugal), 2400€ for others (and Portuguese living outside of Portugal)  

If you would like to stay some time after the Intensive ends here are the details. This option is available until the end of September.

Working 3 hours per day - 20 euros per day.

Staying as a guest and not working - 40 euros per day

If you are interested in participating in this program please send us an email to Please tell us:
1. Where you are from
2. How old you are
3. Why you want to participate in this program
4. Any special interests you may have
5. Any background information that you think would be important

If you have any questions please contact us at

Applications for this Intensive must be submitted by July 15th. Places are limited to apply right away.  We will request skype phone call interviews if your application is accepted.


For Foreigners and Portuguese Living outside of Portugal - Total cost: 2,400 euros

The payment schedule for the Intensive is as follows:

250 euros is required to reserve your space. This is non-refundable.

50% of the total cost (950 euros) needs to be paid 3 months before the start of the course (April 31st 2018)

Remainder of the payment (1200) is due 1 month before the beginning of the course (June 31st 2018).

If you want to pay the whole thing now that is also ok.

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel 1 month before the course starts and we can fill your space then we will return everything except the 250 non-refundable deposit. If we can not fill your space we there will be no refund except if you have paid the whole price already.  If that is the case then we will refund 1200 euros.  If it is less than one month then there are not refunds. No refunds are given once the course begins.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The ALP Team


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