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Embracing The Wound of Love Retreat
30/06/2021 @ 18:00 - 4/07/2021@ 18:00
Quinta da Mizarela
460,00 €
This is the first time Cynthia has presented this topic in a retreat. Exploring the Wound of Love teaching will help you to make sense out of your suffering and of your deep desire to Love and be Love.

***********Due to the Corona Virus situation we are living in uncertain times now.  We are planning to go forward with all of our events until we find out that it is not possible.  If you would like to reserve your space please inscribe and pay your deposit.  If the event does not happen we will be happy to return your deposit.  We will cancel at least 7-10 days before the event so you know ahead of time.  Let's hope for the best and see what happens! *******************​

Discounted price available for those who have their own tents to offer - see below in pricing section.



This 5-day retreat is being offered to give everyone the opportunity to come together to face into the choices that liberate you and that bind you. The retreat will include teachings on accessing a deeper dimension of yourself that is always, already free and deeply relaxed and to look into the ritual of rejection that is always in contradiction to this deeper dimension of you. 

The retreat will focus on a teaching about the Wound of Love that Cynthia came across 8-10 months ago by a Spiritual Master name AdiDa.  She has found it illuminating in her own life and to those that she has introduced it to. If you give yourself to this deep dive into this subject and dare to go beyond any ideas you have about yourself, about Love and about what is possible beyond the habitual ritual of rejection, then you will find yourself loving in a way you have never loved and being together with others in a way that is free, joyful, and engaged. 

There will be regular meditation sessions. Cynthia will guide you into a dimension of Reality where you will find freedom from the victimization of the movement of mind and emotions.   She will engage everyday with you in a question and answer session to help you to further your understanding of your experience. Meditating and Being together in spiritual contemplation and inquiry in the stillness and beauty of Quinta da Mizarela will open you up to a new perspective that has the potential the put your whole life into a different context.  

This retreat will focus on 4 aspects of the human experience:

Rejection and Retaliation

What causes you to suffer in your life?  You could probably come up with a very long list.  What would you do if you found out there was one root cause that manifests in many different ways, is an unconscious presumption made at the moment of your birth and has driven your life ever since? This root presumption is about rejection, retaliation and un-love.  


How often do you avoid unpleasant or painful situations or feelings?  How often to you feel fully loved?  Could it be that the avoidance of pain or feeling is directly connected to how much love you feel and express?

Inherent Happiness

What makes you happy in life?  Again, you could probably come up with a long list.  For many people the list that makes them happy is shorter then the list that causes them suffering.  What would you do if you found out that there is one root reason for your happiness, a reason that is always available to you no matter the circumstances of any situation?  This root happiness is only about giving Love, receiving Love and being Love.

Wound of Love

How can Love be a wound?  Is the wound of Love something I want to avoid or is accepting such a wound a doorway to inherent happiness and unimagined Love and deep Peace?

This retreat is about embracing the entire human situation, your human incarnation and embracing your Divinity that lies beyond the conditioned patterns that we believe to be ourselves.  This retreat will be a journey of understanding, learning to feel and learning to Love.

The teaching of the Wound of Love can change your life and give you tools to transform your relationships. If this interest you then we invite you to join us on this retreat that is led by Cynthia Bampton.

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A Few Testimonials

Sandra - Germany

It was like awakening from a dream. Everything made sense and everything hurt. But in the very feeling of that hurt I felt free, complete and happy- I was overwhelmed by love and the tender yet incomprehensible recognition that I am not apart or alone. Cynthia led us trough the teaching of the wound of love with incredible depth and clarity, yet her transmission have been simple and direct. She made sure that however profound what we were discovering was, we could always relate to it in very practical terms, in ways that were implicating for us in daily life.

Joel - France

Jared - Belgium

Kate - United Kingdom

The teaching of The Wound of Love is a truly life changing one. Understanding the mechanics of the ritual of rejection, its origins and impersonal nature, and its ubiquitous presence in my life opened the door into feeling The Wound of Love and my own humanity in a way I had not before, through understanding of what acceptance of what is actually means and a tremendous drive to realize, in every moment, the nature of what is True. Cynthia's guidance was fundamental. More than the explanation and articulation of the teaching, her direct understanding of her own experience is of immense value in this journey. Her open dialogue and alive inquiry honor the teaching in the purest way: by not denying the impossible task of articulating the Mystery, and, in doing so, conveying it in every moment with grace, humility, directness, care, love, and, always, a lot of humor. If you feel the pull to have your world rocked to the ground, in the most positive way, come join her in this retreat!

Raquel D - Portugal

My experience in being guided by Cynthia in The Wound of Love is of an intense and deep immersion and exploration of how I can live as a full and complete expression of Love in every aspect of my humanness. I have been impacted profoundly by this teaching, my heart drawing me into this beauty, mystery and great wisdom. The deep inquiry has had a very real and direct impact on how I live my life and my relationship to my being and to others. Cynthia has clearly been profoundly impacted by this teaching, her response is to guide and share her passion with a heart felt longing, making it a rare opportunity and one I am so grateful to be a part of.

Lawrence - United Kingdom

The retreat will include:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Meditation sessions 
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Activities to help you to break out of limiting ideas
  • Group inquiry 
  • Solitary contemplation
  • Walking in Nature
  • Dipping in Waterfalls
  • And more…

This is a general guideline to the daily program and subject to change. 

7:30        Meditation
8:30        Spontaneous Movement
9:30        Breakfast
10:30       Morning Sessions of Meditation/Presentations/Activities
13:30       Lunch
15:30       Afternoon Sessions of Meditation/Presentations/Activities
18:30       Dinner
20:00       Evening Q & A/Video 

We offer a discounted rate for Portuguese to reflect the different economic reality here compared with Northern Europe and America. Price includes everything for the retreat, including 3 delicious vegetarian meals. Because we have limited space we offer a 50 euro discount for the retreat for those who can help us accommodate more people by bringing their own tent.  We have 4 rooms available for those who need them and also we have tents for those who don't have their own. 

Regular Prices

For Portuguese: 460 € per person

For people coming from abroad: 550€ Per person

100€ non-refundable deposit per person to reserve your place. Full payment is due by June 15th. No refunds will be given after June 15th unless your spot can be filled by another participant.  Please fill out form on the side of this page to reserve your space.

Financial Help Available (limited offer)

If you would like to come to the retreat but can’t afford the full price please write to us and tell us why you want to come to the retreat and what you would like to pay.  There is a right price for each situation so please look at your situation and don’t offer too much but don’t offer too little.  We will consider all offers and we have a limited number of gift economy spaces so let your heart sing!

Living here for 5 days you will also have the opportunity to experience off-grid living, the wonder of nature, the delightful animals, the cascading waterfalls, bathing pools and silence!

So if you are interested in coming together to diving deeply into a dimension of yourself that is already free and learning to go beyond limitation and separation of biological and cultural conditioning, under the guidance and experience of Cynthia Bampton, then this retreat is for you.  You can register for this retreat by filling out the form on the side of this page.

Here are some testimonials from those who have worked with Cynthia in understanding the wound of love and rejection issues:

Ines - Portugal

My heart has been broken open by Cynthia’s transmission of the Wound of Love teachings. Understanding and seeing through the illusion that everyone else (and life itself) was rejecting me is a huge relief. I’m liberated to be a channel for love: I’m in love with life, open to love and offering love to others. My daily reality and ground of being has been shaken to the point that every moment is a mystery and life is a sacred adventure. I’m deeply grateful to Cynthia!

Kate - United Kingdom

Being guided through he Wound of Love teaching by Cynthia has been life transforming.  Why do I cut-off, why do I have fear, why is it difficult to be vulnerable ? In her unique and very direct style and speaking from her own experience she constantly pointed towards my fundamental assumptions of being separate and rejected in the first place. Within these assumptions everything that I will do to try to feel will only reinforce the illusion of an "other" and the seeking mode. Thus it is only by understanding the mechanic of the ritual of rejection and by releasing it altogether that I can let go of fear and potentially "make myself" available to "feeling'' the wound/pain which is no different than love.

Jared - Belgium

I'd never expect a simple teaching to be so piercing, heart-opening and life-changing. I still cannot fully understand how it has worked and continues to work in me. It is simply mind-blowing, literally. Cynthia's sharp guidance makes the Wound of Love teaching very alive and palpable and I find myself continuously bowing down to her ability to bring the best out of me. I feel the luckiest person alive for having Cynthia and this teaching in my life.

Sara S - Portugal

"The wound of Love is a profound teaching and it blew my mind and touched me deeply the first time I read it. It was also hard to digest and really ‘get’ what the teachings were pointing to. Engaging in this topic with Cynthia, I am so grateful for her sensitive guidance, and her clear and direct living articulation. The journey so far has led me to really ‘feel’ into the wound of Love and embrace both the pain and Love of it. I am no longer ‘seeking’ to understand it but allowing it to animate my very being with a sense of overflowing Love and appreciation, for the teaching, for Cynthia and for Life."

David - United Kingdom

This topic, Wound of Love, brought and continues to bring a new perspective  on Love, relationships, feeling and life itself. It has shown me how I normaly live. It continues to bring me simplicity and truth while inviting me to be fully present and engage in relationships and feeling! I'm (re)discovering liberation and freedom and mostly Love!!  A Love that includes everything and everyone, a Love that Is ecstatic, vulnerable, raw and divine!
Being guide with Cynthia in this topic is such a  privilege. You will feel her passion and wisdom and this retreat is a unique opportunity to make it real and live it in real time."

Lucia - Portugal

















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