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Evolution of Consciousness Course in Lisbon & Porto
22/05/2019 - 31/07/2019
Lisbon & Porto
250,00 €
This course encompasses spiritual awakening to the radical Freedom and Happiness of our True Nature, how to live a life of ego-transcendence in the complexity of life in the world and how to release the enormous responsibility that each one of us holds for creating the future.


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The Evolution of Consciousness course brought me more clarity, self-realization and information on various aspects that contribute to our evolution. I also found a group of people with whom I share a similar passion that strengthens the intention: to become increasingly a better instrument for the manifestation of Consciousness!
Teresa Prima, Dance Teacher, Porto

Do you believe that it is possible to not only experience Spiritual Awakening but to transform yourself and your life to be an integral expression of that Awakening?

Have you ever considered that your “peak experiences” are actually glimpses of a higher potential that always exists within you? Have you ever considered how your life would change if you knew that clarity, vibrancy and higher potential was something that you could learn to access and express all the time?

If you have spent any time on a spiritual path you have probably had momentary spiritual experiences of awakened consciousness and tasted the freedom of extraordinary insights and possibilities. But probably, as is the case for most people, the insight, clarity and joy that may have liberated you in your highest and deepest moments, tends to gradually fade away, often leaving you wondering where it came from and whether it is actually possible to become a living, breathing expression of your deepest understanding.

In this course I will share with you an approach to spiritual transformation that can lead you directly into a sustained process of Spiritual Awakening. This integral philosophy and practice will enable you to close the gap between your deepest intuitive knowing and the actuality of the life that you are living in the world. Hence the Evolution of Consciousness that I teach is profoundly mystical and practical at the same time.

The Evolution of Consciousness course with Pete has allowed me to recognize more and more aspects of my personality that have hindered my growth and evolution as a Conscious Human Being. And if there remains any doubt that there is only One Consciousness that unites us all, then the force and intent of the meditation practice in each session is enough to show us, by our own experience, that we really are all one!
Ricardo Gonçalves, Microbiologist, Porto

Through clear instruction in meditation and contemplation you will discover suddenly or gradually that the deepest dimension of who you are is always already free, infinite, eternal Transcendent Consciousness. You will experience a profound letting go of identification with mind and emotion, a liberating transcendence of your historical personality and self-identity and a deep release of existential tension.

When you awaken to the timeless source of Being you realize that you have never been away from home and that everything in its essence, including yourself, is fundamentally perfect. This discovery has the power to bless you with a profound sense of peace and release of existential tension that transcends any particular feeling state and to align you forever with the source of true happiness that always lies within.

But the journey of Awakening I will introduce to you does not end there as many spiritual teachings do. From that Transcendent foundation we will embrace the Immanent side to the realization of who we really are as Awakened Consciousness. 

Have you ever thought about what it means to be living at the very edge of evolution - the most highly developed expression (at least in this corner of our galaxy) of a Cosmos becoming aware of itself? Are you ready to consciously and courageously participate in the process that gave you form? Are you compelled by the possibility of bringing Heaven to Earth? 

The course with Pete has been very influential and is having a profound impact in many aspects of my life. The content of the course has answered questions I've been asking for as long as I can remember. I've found the "philosophy" that I sought. My Clarity of Intention has become stronger and I intend to continue to walk this enlightened path and actively participate as a vehicle in the expansion of the Big Bang and this new culture of The Awakened Life Project.
Patricia Fonseca, Nurse, Porto​

How will this journey into the Evolution of Consciousness impact your own life?

You will discover how to:

Catalyze and deepen a fundamental shift of identity in which all the separation and imposed limitations of your historical personality disappear.

Discover a source of deep confidence and trust that enables you to act with courage and grace even in the face of daunting challenges.

Develop a capacity for subtle discrimination of your experience that enables you to respond authentically and precisely to the demands of every circumstance.

Liberate an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration and creativity that brings forth a continuous flow of visions, purposes and potential that will transform every important dimension of your life.

Radiate profound heart intelligence and generate a genuine field of care, love and generosity that enables you to express creative compassionate action.

Experience a radical freedom from limiting self-images and the hypnotic spell of fear and desire, enabling you to respond to life beyond reactivity or compulsivity.

The evolutionary perspective that has been presented in the sessions has resonated strongly with me. The love and simplicity with which Pete handles all the issues of evolution of consciousness is extraordinarily inspiring. Having someone to tell me clearly how, every moment of every day, I can change the control of my life to the Authentic Self has been very effective to weaken the ego and create space for the expression of Me! I have concrete tools to follow my spiritual journey and group experience has certainly been much more powerful than I could have imagined. Every day I notice the development of a more acute awareness of a broader perspective and more frequent glimpses that we are all One. It is inexplicable how the idea excites me about how far we can take our potential and this course is being instrumental in my awakening to a greater reality.
Natasha Leite, Physics student, Coimbra​

I have been a seeker and a finder, a student and, in recent years, a teacher of Spiritual Awakening for over 30 years. The most important thing I have learned in all that time is that radical transformation is a real possibility for those who want it more that anything else. By that I mean the transformation of our consciousness, our important relationships and our capacity to make a significant contribution to the evolution of our world. 

This course is designed for people who have reached a point in their evolution where they are serious about spiritual awakening and transformation. This course is not for people who are looking to only feel better or get something for themselves from spirituality. This course is for those who aspire to surrender their whole being to the Divine.

This course is not for those who want to collect more spiritual information and intellectual knowledge. This course is for those who want to use and develop their mind as a fine tool for discrimination and philosophical contemplation.

This course is not for those who seek spiritual enlightenment as only some kind escape into a higher state of light, bliss and peace. This course is for those who want to discover what it means to live an engaged Awakened Life in the complexity of our world in every moment and in every situation no matter how challenging.  This course is for those who not only want to awaken as individuals but who want to realize spiritual liberation for the sake of the whole.

I invite you to join me for an experiential journey into the clarity, power and passion of an Integral Enlightenment. I bring my own experience as co-founder and spiritual director of The Awakened Life Project over the last 12 years, my learnings from deep immersions in Buddhism, Hindu Vedanta and Tantra, Integral Yoga and Philosophy and contemporary Evolutionary Mysticism together with important insights gained from modern Cosmology, Physics, Biology and Developmental Psychology.

As well as being a student attending a course you will also be one of a group of individuals committed to sharing and supporting each other in the journey of Transformation. If all are committed we will develop an extraordinary field of trust, unity and creative passion and you will no longer feel alone in your journey. You may also experience the higher potentials of collective Spiritual Awakening which is the leading edge of the Evolution of Consciousness in our time.

This journey together does not have to end with your completion of this course. Many graduates of this course have joined the growing spiritual network of The Awakened Life Project which is a thriving experiment in the evolution of consciousness and culture.

It was incredible! An opportunity to be able to feel more strongly what it really means to create a new culture. Letting go of the ego in every moment we became collectively much closer, more united and capable of acting together. - Jose Soutelinho, Sintra


Articles by Course Participants:

A Conscious Choice  Helena, Porto

The Most Important Task of my Life  Edy, Lisbon

Beyond the Spiritual Ego  Ricardo, Porto

A Big YES!  Carolina, Porto


The ongoing evolution of consciousness course has been a wonderful life experience. This course, along with a daily practice of meditation allows us to see beyond what we are accustomed to in our day to day life. The group is magnificent, Peter´s teachings make complete sense, compelling us to transcend our ego limitations and expand our identification with the universe.
Sergio Mendeiro, Psychology student, Lisbon

Since I started the course, I have felt great differences in my way of perceiving the world. Many of my questions are now being answered and I begin to feel a deep joy that is, in most cases, inexplicable. I feel increasingly that is very important for me to continue on the path of enlightenment by learning and applying these new values in all areas of life. The teachings on the manifestations of the ego have have been particularly helpful, since ego is something we have to deal with daily and that tends to hinder our relationships both with others and with ourselves.
Isabel Rodrigues, Retired, Lisbon


Amongst the numerous new understandings and possibilities that this course showed me, the biggest revelation for me has been the deep understanding of the absolute limitlessness of our freedom and the many facets of the responsibility for that freedom. Becoming more deeply grounded in this understanding will forever be a guide in my life. I feel gratitude and a boundless confidence in you and what you teach.
Robinson Weiske, Carpenter, Porto


After the first day of the course was so excited I could not even sleep, I felt a fire of joy in my heart and my eyes sparkled with passion super awake. I felt I was finally able to put into practice all the theory I learned in books for many years about the spiritual journey. I learned that the strength of my Clarity of Intention is a push to get brutally honest with what our heart and our soul really wants. Throughout the course I got to know and understand better the functioning of my "dear egozito" ah! I thought that my ego was a little smaller but my experience has showed me that the ego can be really strong and terrible! As I was warned when we are seriously interested and committed to this "mission" the ego (ours and those of others around us) strongly attacks in every way possible. I know this is very positive as I now have the consciousness of how to deal with the reactions of my ego and have passion for the new path that I decided to walk. Thank you so much for thou hast shown me the button!
Sofia Rodrigues, Secretary, Lisbon

After some time trying to understand what "work to do here", the course has no doubt given me the impetus for a new phase, in which this demand took shape and found an answer ... I realized that FREEDOM is achievable and that with Clarity of Intention anything is possible, because all we need to evolve is within us and that, contrary to what I think and what we are taught us, one person can "change the world". I can start a conscious evolution, because deep down we are all one and therefore only need to be that ONE to achieve this development. However, the path is not easy, but certainly worth the effort, especially when we feel the energy that we all share in the sessions.
Filipa Monteiro, Dentist, Porto

Before the course, I thought I was awake or aware enough, that the feeling of inner peace and joy should be enough. But I still felt a kind of non-compliance, non-spiritual satisfaction ... a void that was filling but remained empty. Then, with the course I understood the meaning of this feeling. This non-conformity is natural in me and wants to evolve consciously. It's the Evolutionary Impulse. Then I gained the great satisfaction of knowing that, after all, what is happening to me is part of an evolutionary process that is happening to many people! Now I could express my spiritual experiences. But I also realized that Meditation, Enlightenment & the Evolutionary Impulse must be experienced to be understood. We are many and different but at the same time we are ONE. In an evolutionary process that breaks down the duality, forms and egos, making us feel the oneness of all that is, consciously and responsibly. With the responsibility of knowing that is not enough to realize and meditate in a cave. We must move forward. Thanks to Pete and fellow students.
Carlos Lima, Hypnotherapist, Viana do Castelo

During the first session of the course I felt like my heart was screaming this is my purpose. In the meetings I feel support that helps me to meditate daily. This practice in a very subtle movement of discovering the strength, courage that comes from within. My heart cries out for FREEDOM. When choosing to face fear and discover that I am not limited as my ego made me believe. I'm discovering the freedom from the collective Portuguese ego ... Thank you Pete.
Celia Carvalho, Nurse, Coimbra

My main reason for participating in the Evolution of Consciousness Course was a sense of urgency to find ways to overcome the limits of our current culture. With all my willingness to change the world for the better, I often felt isolated and divided, losing the possibility to release my potential in a constructive way. Among the many profound and positive changes in my life from the time I attended this course, I feel that there are two experiences that form the basis for all others. First, the notion of the intimate connection between the practice of meditation and my increasingly aware choices of my day to day. I feel that regular meditation helps me to "ground" my actions in a "universal knowledge" which makes me meet more regularly in a state of "flow", without losing energy in control. In the course by tuning our minds through meditation, we create an environment in which we talk about our experiences of living in the "impersonal." Even more significant was the growth of a sense of unity that goes beyond union among those present. I feel the boundaries between me and the rest of the world falling away! The course has created such a strong unity in our group, connecting people with the same intentions is a source of inspiration and an important factor in continuing the growth process.
Annelieke van der Sluijs, Permaculture activist, Coimbra
Who am I and how can I evolve, these were my burning questions that led me to this course where Peter Bampton each session demonstrates the steps to follow for a universal approach to Consciousness in evolution. All are part of it but to live each moment consciously knowing it makes life magic where everything becomes possible! Without the presence of the human ego one becomes free and creates love in everything you see. This fight is the most difficult of all because we are struggling with our inner self, but with the small victories we get each day, everything around us changes, for a life full of happiness. I have always believed that the best teacher I ever could have was Nature because she is perfect, but I also believe in people who teach and at the same time live what they teach. Thanks Pete for this course.
Jose Duarte, Carpenter, Penela

Thank you for the beautiful gift of life that brought me to the course of this wonderful person called Pete, whose energy is always present in subtle and powerful ways inside me! Many changes have occurred with a greater awareness of the ego that is always limiting freedom and happiness. I experience increasingly greater distance and less identification with the thoughts and emotions and also my choices are becoming more and more authentic! It has also allowed increasingly greater discernment between the voice of criticism, judgment, ego and the loving voice of Being, authentic and compelling. It has allowed me to live more in the present, with more feeling and depth frequency, peace, joy and love of the authentic Being, listening to the voice of that wise and loving Being and feeling my flame to give the impulse in one direction, knowledge of the entire Being, the inner divine potential to flourish and manifest in every moment of this! Living in the inner potential is essentially to live in the present, the unpredictability and the unknown, trusting in life and especially in myself, listening to the inner voice to express and accept what she has for me and consequently for All! What life has for me in terms of realization of the authentic and consequently the whole, I do not know ... But that is how it is because it's the unknown that life presents and surprises us every time! I believe in the power of love that heals and transforms everything. I believe in courage and boldness of a human being to know also the divine being that is! I believe in the creative imagination of the mind in full harmony with the unique and authentic Being a great common goal: to create Heaven on Earth! An embrace of an immense and profound gratitude to you!
Cristina Feliciano, Nurse, Coimbra

Every day that goes by since I started the Evolution of Consciousness Course, life shows me how I'm different. I get the feeling and awareness that life is not just to survive. Life is to be lived!! We know these things, but sometimes, we humans have to get some headbutts, sometimes very strong, so we can agree on what is important and evolve!! And this course was that and more... I remember seeing in the eyes of Pete something I had not seen in other people: a tranquility. But where will he get it, I thought. I knew it wa true though. I know where it is, deep within, but my mind insists on telling me it's hard. The truth is that it is not. Now I am happier with each passing day, wanting to change, starting my shift, in the here and now. Telling my ego to calm down and realizing that fundamentally everything will be okay. It's all well and will be even better! Because the path is made by walking and what I feel right now is that every step I take is important for my consciousness to evolve and that therefore those that revolve around me, also evolve, in a pleasant, approachable and happy way. Evolution of consciousness? Yes it is really true, it is possible to be happy and I'd forgotten!
Raquel Perdigão, Teacher, Porto


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