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The Fire of the Heart ONLINE Course 2021
06/06/2021 - 07/11/2021
250,00 €
A Transformational ONLINE Journey into the Spiritual Heart of Reality based around Peter's recently published book "The Fire of The Heart". This Course is radical invitation to True Meditation, Pure Passion and The Power That Knows The Way and much more...

The Fire of the Heart ONLINE Course is a penetrating and profound Transformational journey into the radical immediacy and evolutionary potential of Spiritual Awakening here and now.

Anchored in a simple yet illuminating approach to True Meditation, the Awakening Process that Peter describes is direct, contemporary, and includes the totality of manifest existence in its integral embrace.   

If you have a sincere longing to Awaken to your True Nature and align your precious human life with the limitless energy, intelligence and freedom of Consciousness Itself then The Fire of the Heart Course may be for you...




You may have spent time on a spiritual path, have had momentary spiritual experiences of Awakened Consciousness, tasted the freedom of extraordinary insights and possibilities, only to find these insights gradually fade away, leaving you wondering; “Is it actually possible to become a living, breathing expression of my deepest insight and understanding?”

You may still intuit that an extraordinary Awakened Life is possible, but how do you live and actualize what you have seen in the complexity of what you may call your “everyday life”? The Fire of the Heart Course will provide answers to these challenges that are accessible, contemporary and penetratingly psychoactive.


The Course is divided in 2 Parts of 6 Sessions each. Each Session will be approximately 2 – 2.5 hours long.

Participants are welcome to commit to Parts 1 & 2 with all 12 sessions or are welcome to commit only to Part 1 with 6 sessions. It is not possible to participate in Part 2 if you have not completed Part 1.



Session 1 - What is Awakening? & True Meditation

Discover what Awakening is and the radical understanding that makes our True Nature accessible in any moment. Learn the practice of True Meditation, which is not an incremental means to become Free sometime in the future, but a radical means to Awaken to our already inherent Freedom here and now.​

Session 2 - What is Ego? & The Great Search

Why do we suffer? What is it that creates the very convincing illusion of being a separate and limited self that needs to be fulfilled? A clarifying exploration into the deeply habitual activity of identification that is the driver of the unhappy human condition.​

Session 3 - The Three Character Types, Responsibility & Spiritual Maturity

A humorous and illuminating description of the three essential character types. What is ego and what is the authentic expression of our character? Discover why you are the way you are and what is required for you to embody true spiritual maturity.​

Session 4 - The Fire of the Heart - There is no Light without Heat

An exploration of the Great Paradox of the Awakening Heart – we are always already Free and we are an evolving work-in-progress. Discover how the process of purification is the Heat that gives rise to the Light of the True Self.​

Session 5 - Not Knowing & Wide Open Wonder

Do we really know who we are? Do we really know what anything is? When we transcend our attachment to knowledge and experience we discover the liberating innocence and open-endedness of Pure Consciousness.​

Session 6 - Non-Duality & The Gateless Gate

Is there really an external world? Does the apparent duality between subject and object really exist? A deep dive into the mind-transcending mystery and radical actuality of the Ultimate Truth of Non-Duality.​


Session 1 - Awakening the Dreamer & The Art of Awakened Creativity

When we transcend the fears and desires of the separate ego we discover a Pure Passion that frees our innate gifts and manifests as limitless inspiration and creativity. Learn how your head, hands and heart can become a vehicle for the creation of a new world.​

Session 2 - Masculine/Feminine & Shiva/Shakti - The Tantric Embrace

A provocative and revelatory exploration of the masculine/feminine polarity that animates the entire creative display of body, mind and world. What does it mean to understand and transcend the psychological and cultural conditioning of our gender?​

Session 3 - The Subtle Yogic/Energetic Anatomy of the Human Body

Discover how the esoteric anatomy of the human body mirrors the magnification of the Awakening Process and how you can quicken the energetic reconfiguration of the body-mind.​

Session 4 - Cultural Conditioning & The Social Implications of Awakening

A revelatory journey into the deeply embedded cultural conditioning that shapes our worldview and fundamental values, which opens up new vistas of possibility in terms of social and cultural transformation.​

Session 5 - Awakened Sexuality & Committed Relationship

What is the expression and purpose of sexuality in an Awakened context? What might a committed relationship based on the shared realization of Spiritual Freedom look like? A penetrating investigation into the emotional-sexual arena that is the most persistent and volatile source of ego bondage.​

Session 6 -  The HIgher WE & Collective Emergence

When Awakened human beings come together in the ecstatic recognition of One Consciousness, One Self and One Heart, then a greater creative potential can reveal itself in and as a Collective Awakened Heart.​


In The Fire of The Heart Course you will discover:

  • How to Awaken to your True Nature moment to moment
  • An Infinite, Inexhaustible Source of Deep Trust and Love - the Heart Itself - that will enables you to act with courage and grace in the face of the challenges and complexity of life
  • A simple yet profound approach to True Meditation and Self-Inquiry 
  • Why innocence is more powerful than certainty and how to live in “Wide Open Wonder"
  • Learning how to directly perceive the mind-transcending Ultimate Truth of Non-Duality
  • How to navigate your way between the polarities of conscious effort and unconditional surrender
  • The Pure Passion of the Fire of the Heart that opens up unimaginable potentials of Evolutionary Love
  • Profoundly liberating perspectives on Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment 
  • A deep understanding of the dynamics of Cultural Evolution and the potentials for whole system social transformation
  • The yogic, energetic dimension of the Awakening Process and the map of the subtle anatomy of the human body
  • How to transform your relationships into dynamic “evolutionary partnerships” that both support and challenge you to fully live your Awakening.
  • The radical and revolutionary potentials for Collective Awakening and Emergence


Included in the Fire of the Heart Course:

  • All sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants
  • Written materials and Teaching Models will be provided
  • Online Forum to share insights and ask questions in between sessions
  • All participants will receive a complementary copy of the book The Fire of the Heart upon which the Course is based




Portuguese Participants

Payment for Part 1 only – 250E

Payment for Part 2 – 250E (Must commit to Part 2 in July)

DISCOUNTED Price for the entire Course in advance – 420E


International Participants

Payment for Part 1 only – 350E

Payment for Part 2 – 350E (Must commit to Part 2 in July)

DISCOUNTED Price for the entire Course in advance – 600E

The lower price for the Portuguese is to reflect the general economic difference between Portugal and northern European countries or North America. However, if you are committed to participating in the Course and have limited financial means, please indicate this in your application:

If you need to pay in installments we are happy to work with you, but full payment must be made by the third session of Part 1 or Part 2.



The Course will be held on Sundays at 5.30pm GMT

Part 1

June 6, 20, 27

July 4, 11, 18

Part 2

August 1, 21

October 3, 17, 31

November 7


What attracted me to this Course was the clarity and distinctness of the message conveyed by Peter Bampton. A simple, direct message, without dogma, and without the esotericism of the "New Age" culture, a real breath of fresh air! In this Course Pete took us all to the foundation of what True Spiritual Awakening is, at the same time without taking our feet off the ground and leading us to take responsibility for the exercise of our personal and collective power. We were essentially challenged to ask the truly important questions: "Who am I?", "What makes me suffer?", "What is to be Happy?", "Am I Free?"...

Peter transmits a proposal for personal and collective freedom, a contextualization in the face of our accumulated cultural burden, and an openness to a new paradigm of evolutionary consciousness. A proposal that can break down the barriers that separate us our essence, from others, and from the "reality" we experience. With Peter I found above all an additional opportunity to discover myself, to free myself from the ego contraction, to Awake, and fully Realize my Spiritual Nature.

Luis Ferreira, Porto

Peter has an innate ability to connect the dots between emerging science, cultural studies, history and spirituality to form a very thorough expression of what Awakening Consciousness is, and how we can Awaken and Be Free NOW. Not only does he do it so eloquently, but more importantly he lives what he is talking about, it emanates from him with a transmission that makes it possible to grasp this truth in a deeper way. I highly recommend his Course to anyone interested in waking up and evolutionary transformation. 

Glen Friedman, USA


It was enough for me to read something about Pete to feel almost an urgency to sign up for his Course in Lisbon. I signed up without ever seeing him in person, never watching a video of him, and yet there was no doubt in my mind about it. Each session of the Course was exciting for me. I was in the right place, deepening and listening to the issues that matter to me from an evolved, intelligent, complete and fresh perspective. I was very attentive to his words, and then at home i would hear the exact same thing again in the audios of the session recordings that he sent us. We need to recognize and enjoy a pearl when we find it.

Marta Gautier, Lisbon

What attracted me to The Fire of the Heart Course was Peter´s radical proposal: “Be Free”. And what made me stay was the power and the clarity of his speech and transmission. The penetrating simplicity, coupled with Peter's disarming sense of humour are a rare combination, which gently and deeply invited me to choose to commit myself to my Freedom, without doubts or hesitation.

Lisa Roque, Lisbon

The Fire of the Heart Course was the beginning of a journey for the rest of my life where I was able, for the first time, to recognize a Truth, a greater essence, behind everything that surrounds me. I changed the relationship with my life, my wife and children, family and friends, with all that surrounds me and the circumstances of everyday life. During the course sessions, we felt in the eyes of each participant the enthusiasm and challenge that it meant for each one, as we traveled together into essence and the profundity at the Heart of all things. You could smell the true spiritual revolution that the Course invites. After the face-to-face session, we also had access to audio recordings, support texts and a digital sharing platform, which made the trip very intense, rich and collective. In addition to exploring various topics, there was always a space dedicated to questions and sharing among participants. We were all connected in discovering an Awakened Life! I feel tremendous gratitude and admiration for the teacher, Peter Bampton, his full surrender to True Freedom and Happiness, his profound knowledge and experience and his humility are incredible! 

Tiago Dos Santos, Lisbon

To listen to Pete was like ingesting some kind of psychoactive capable of withdrawing the veil of illusion. His words had a cleansing effect and connected me to the Truth. With Pete´s pragmatism, humbleness, wisdom and surrender I recovered and re-cognized what might be the biggest change in my life – the process of dissolution of ego – a radical shift of paradigm.

Benedita Volkers, Holland

To understand, in a profound way, how simple life is, and that it only becomes complicated from the moment we personalize the stories and give life to our fears through our Ego. Well how challenging but liberating to realize that it was I who put myself in a position of superiority believing that we live in a world of self-centered people when I was also one of them. The Fire of the Heart Course helped me to better understand my origin, my prejudice, my fears, my relationship with my mother (I learned to accept her), my relationship with my husband (we learned to listen to and communicate without wanting to please and touch on fragile subjects as if they were banal conversations), my relationship with my co-workers and with my daily life. Nothing is done without love, nothing is built without love, nothing happens when there is no love. I am on the right track, thanks to this process, to this wonderful WAKE UP Call! My heart is full, full of love, joy, smiles, sweetness, compassion, gratitude for having this opportunity, thank you Pete for letting me BE with you.

Ariana Ribeiro, Porto

Pete’s course is a really complete journey into the teachings of True Meditation, Non-Duality, ego transcendence and also on how to live and breathe this Transformation into life and into the world. It’s also the beginning of a never-ending journey because it reconnects us to Love/Life/Consciousness, and Life becomes this constant invitation to respond and express That Which We Truly Are in every moment. That’s the only thing the world needs from us, that’s what life is really about.

Ana Cruz, Porto

It was incredible! An opportunity to be able to feel more strongly what it really means to create a new culture. Letting go of the ego in every moment we became collectively much closer, more united and capable of acting together.

Jose Soutelinho, Sintra

Amongst the numerous new understandings and possibilities that this Course showed me, the biggest revelation has been the deep understanding of the absolute limitlessness of our Freedom and the many facets of the responsibility for that Freedom. Becoming more deeply grounded in this understanding will forever be a guide in my life. I feel gratitude and a boundless confidence in you and what you teach.

Robinson Weiske, Porto

After the first day of the Course was so excited I could not even sleep, I felt a Fire of joy in my heart and my eyes sparkled with passion super awake. I felt I was finally able to put into practice all the theory I learned in books for many years about the spiritual journey. I learned that the strength of my Clarity of Intention is a push to get brutally honest with what our heart and our soul really wants. Throughout the Course I got to know and understand better the functioning of my "dear egozito" ah! I thought that my ego was a little smaller but my experience has showed me that the ego can be really strong and terrible! As I was warned, when we are seriously interested and committed to this "mission" the ego (ours and those of others around us) strongly attacks in every way possible. I know this is very positive as I now have the consciousness of how to deal with the reactions of my ego and have passion for the new POath that I decided to walk. Thank you so much for thou hast shown me the button!

Sofia Rodrigues, Lisbon


During the first session of the course I felt like my Heart was screaming, "This is my purpose!". In the meetings I felt the support that helps me to meditate daily. This practice is a very subtle movement of discovering the strength and courage that flows from within. My Heart cries out for FREEDOM. I am choosing to face fear and discover that I am not limited as my ego made me believe. I am discovering the Freedom from the collective Portuguese ego ... Thank you Pete.

Celia Carvalho, Coimbra

Who am I and how can I evolve, these were my burning questions that led me to this Course in which Peter demonstrates the steps to follow for a universal approach to Consciousness in evolution. All are part of it but to live each moment consciously knowing it makes life magic where everything becomes possible! Without the presence of the human ego one becomes free and creates love in everything you see. This fight is the most difficult of all because we are struggling with our inner self, but with the small victories we get each day, everything around us changes, for a life full of happiness. I have always believed that the best teacher I ever could have was Nature because she is perfect, but I also believe in people who teach and at the same time live what they teach. 

Jose Duarte, Penela

I can´t recommend  this Course enough if you long for a true, down-to-earth perspective on Spiritual Awakening. Pete´s course is an invitation to dive deeply into and inquire about our True Nature and the way we perceive "the world around us". It challenges us with questions like "Who am I really beyond body, mind and personality? " or "Am I appearing in the world or is the world appearing in me?" At the same time, it provides a very wide and deep context to look at our cultural and biological conditionings and our false belief in separation and limitation (Ego), understanding that our self-contraction is a choice and our suffering is self-created. Pete is a natural teacher, his knowledge of multiple spiritual perspectives is fascinating, and his own experience of what it means to live an Awakened Life inspires and guides the whole group in a journey of dis-covering Spiritual Freedom.​

Mafalda Nascimento, Lisbon

Pete's teachings are not just "one more perspective". Each session is an invitation to check in practice, in a very clear and true way, what Reality Is, without illusions, its simplicity, with everything that Reality integrates, such as birth and death, such as joy and pain. It is an Invitation to verify true Union and the Freedom that is in us, in each moment. The Union and Freedom that are not effectively dependent on emotions, thoughts, relationships, cultures and individual/collective history. The Union that effectively allows us to respond and live from a place of Freedom "hand in hand" with the Truth. The Fire of the Heart Course is an invitation for individual and collective Awakening and Evolution (one is not separate from the other) which allows us to transcend the (so subtle) conditioning of the ego and the perspectives that we think separate us from everything around us.​

Sara Velho, Porto

Thank you for the beautiful gift of life that brought me to the Course of this wonderful person called Pete, whose energy is always present in subtle and powerful ways inside me! Many changes have occurred with a greater awareness of the ego that is always limiting freedom and happiness. I experience increasingly greater distance and less identification with the thoughts and emotions, and also my choices are becoming more and more authentic! It has also allowed increasingly greater discernment between the voice of criticism, judgment, ego and the loving voice of Being that is so compelling. It has allowed me to live more in the present, with more feeling and depth frequency, peace, joy and love of the True Being. What life has in store for me in terms of Realization I do not know ... But that is how it is, because it is the Unknown that life presents and surprises us every time!.This Course deepened by conviction in the power of Love that heals and transforms everything, in the courage and boldness of a human being to know the Divine Being that Is! It gave me the understanding to release my creative imagination in full harmony with that Being toward a great common goal - to create Heaven on Earth! An embrace of an immense and profound gratitude to you!

Cristina Feliciano, Coimbra


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