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Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, Community & Sustainability
Nature Immersion Intensive
07/07/2017 @ 18h00 - 12/07/2017 @ 18h00
Quinta da Mizarela
In this intensive you will be in touch with Nature not as a separate "thing" but as you.


I am very happy and honored to have the opportunity to teach about the awakening to our ever-present, yet dormant, capacity to be One with Nature, on this 5-days-intensive here at Quinta da Mizarela.

Since childhood that I feel very connected to Nature. Passionate about all the animals that had been part of our family, the back yards full of magic of all the houses I lived in, the fungus, and moss, and later about the magic discovery of crystals.

And because I wanted to understand what this passion meant, I chose the Scientific area for my secondary studies. Each class where we explored a plant´s life cycle, or touched a stone and explore it with a microscope was like a trip to Paradise to me.  I was lucky to have amazing Science teachers, not only passionate about the subjects they taught, but also about what they did. There was one day when one of them offered a small crystal to every student, and I got a transparent crystal quartz in the shape of a octahedron.

Since then I didn’t stop my thirst to know more, explore and understand, not just with my mind, but with all my being, what plants and crystals are. I was called by both of them. On this journey, not only I discovered that they are magic, but also that that magic is also me, and nothing separates us.

I learnt the processes and cure characteristics of both, but I always felt that something was missing. That the vision I had about plants and crystals was somehow limited. I felt they could not be only Nature elements that humans use as healing elements.

Living here at Quinta da Mizarela, a land of deep and sheer magic, I discovered that I could live in an un-limited and un-separated way. And from there all the pieces of the puzzle came together and now make a lot of sense.

The plants, soil, crystals, water and animals are divine, just like me, and what I want to share with you is my developing response to the call to manifest Truth, Kindness, and Creativity trough the plants and crystals, and in union with them. A response of responsibility towards the task of changing our individual and collective identity from separation and selfishness to unity and co-created passion of our true and awakened selves.

On this intensive that is deeply experiential, I will guide the participants trough an exploration of the intuitive connection to the natural world.


What to expect from this intensive:

-Discovery of the deepest dimension of who we are in terms of One Consciousness, One Being, One Life;

-Immersion and deep trust on the truth of unity between human beings and all Life;

- Devotion to the divine expressed in Nature;

- Discovery of the deep part of us that is in intimate communication with the natural world;

- Exploration of the ecological communication between plants, crystals and humans, trough the communion of these elements

- Daily practice of meditation in an evolutionary context;

- Practice of meditation with plants and crystals, in Nature;

- Spiritual exploration (heart to heart connection) between local plants and stones;

- Exercises of contemplation and writing;

- Natural products preparation using plants and crystals;

- Earth Walking and dipping in the waterfalls;

- Practice of conscious and awakened physical exercise;

- Identification and harvesting of edible wild greens;

- Preparation and tasting of vegetarian food;



Due to economical crisis in Portugal, we offer two values, to reflect that situation.


230€ - using your own tent, mattress and pillow;

275€ - using our tent, mattress and pillow;

310€ - caravan – per person, in double room with twin bed;

385€ - in our yurt - per person, in room for two people, 1 twin bed, 1 single bed;

385€ - double room in caravan - per person in double room (2 single beds)

412€ - individual room



285€ - using your own tent, mattress and pillow;

310€ - using our tent, mattress and pillow;

350€ - caravan – per person, in double room with twin bed;

425€ - in our yurt - per person, in room for two people, 1 twin bed, 1 single bed;

425€ - double room in caravan - per person in double room (2 single beds)

450€ - individual room


If you have a sincere desire to participate on this program, but have financial issues and need a discount to be able to participate, please write us and tell us why you want to come to the event and how much you can pay.

Please bring biodegradable soap and shampoo.  If you can´t buy it before you arrive, let us know in advance. We make our own products and will be happy to sell you some, to cover your stay. Our place is below beautiful cascades, and keeping the water clean is very important to us.

Please bring a torch, we don’t have spare ones, and are VERY NECESSARY!


Cancelation Policy:

To reserve your place we ask you to pay the amount corresponding to the accommodation you choose.

If you need to cancel 1 month before the program, will have your money back.

If you cancel 2 weeks before, will have 50% of your money back.

If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the program and we fill in your place, you get a credit for a future program. If we can´t fill your place, there will be no refund.

No refund of any kind after the program begins.



If you have any questions, contact us: or call Raquel on: 00351 938 026 477.

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The Awakened Life Project is situated in a beautiful and wild ecological reserve in the mountains Central Portugal. We offer volunteer programs, courses, events and retreats to support the liberation of the human spirit in a context of evolutionary emergence and communion with the ecological web of life.


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