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Self Improvement vs Spiritual Transformation - Webinar with Cynthia Bampton Nov
06/11/2019 @ 8:00pm
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The topic for this month will be Self Improvement vs. Spiritual Transformation.  We all know we have habits that seem to hold us back or to cause us suffering and sometimes we struggle with how to deal with these issues. This webinar is on TUESDAY and not WEDNESDAY due to scheduling issues.


The topic for this month will be Self Improvement vs. Spiritual Transformation.  We all know we have habits that seem to hold us back or to cause us suffering.  Some choose the therapeutic approach to understand one's issues and other chose the spiritual approach to go beyond one's issues.  Sometimes there are questions, does transcendence of issues bypass the importance of learning about one's issues?  And conversely does the therapeutic approach encourage a stronger attachment to one's physiological self and not enough emphasis on the truth of prior freedom.  Where does human trauma fit into all of this?  Is it important to go into it or is it not necessary? Cynthia will dive into these questions to help bring clarity to theses two approaches. 

Cynthia Bampton is offering this webinar on a donation basis.  Cynthia’s teachings are based on the fundamental truth of non-duality and how to live this in the world, in relationship. These webinars demystify the spiritual path and Cynthia gives concrete suggestions on how you can rest more deeply into your True Self and also to learn to recognize the movement of ego as it arises in your awareness.  After the talk she will take questions on the topics she has presented. And if anyone is interested she is happy to speak about the Awakened Life Project and the vision to create a new culture beyond limitation and separation. So if you are interested to come together with others to understand why you think what you think and why you do what you do then please join us. If you find that you have a deep longing for something more or a Yes arises in you when you think about registering for this webinar then we hope you follow that longing and that yes!

If you would like to listen to any of the previous webinars please click here to download.  Please spread the word!  Here is the link to the FB event.

These calls will be recorded and the audio will be available after the call. If you prefer not to be recorded then please let us know ahead of time.

This call will be on Tuesday 5th of November from 8 - 9:30pm BST.

Registration is free. We use a video-conferencing software called Zoom, you need only follow sign-up to use the software. It is best if you are on a landline or a 3G or 4G connection.

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We hope to see you there, please feel free to share the event and the links to previous webinars.  


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Cynthia Bampton is the co-founder of the Awakened Life Project, has been a teacher of spirituality for over 10 years. Her primary passion is to help people live the simple and deep spiritual truth of non-duality, in relationship, here and now. She has been working with women's groups for years, has a deep understanding of men's and women's cultural conditioning and the spiritual reality that transcends that conditioning. She teaches internationally through talks, retreats, online courses, women's groups and personal mentoring. She is originally from California, has over 25 years of experience in community, a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido and was the co-founder of two businesses.

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