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Integral Evolutionary Spirituality, Community & Sustainability
Tantric Awakening Retreat
06/10/2017 @ 19:00 — 13/10/2017 @ 17:00
Avidanja, Montemor-o-velho, Coimbra
650,00 €
Within a context of deep meditation this journey into Non-Dual Awakening includes explorations of Tantra fusing Shiva/Shakti, Masculine/Feminine, activation and balancing of subtle energy and the Chakras, Qi Gong, Trance Dance and more...

This retreat will be held at Avidanja, near Montemor-o-velho, Coimbra.

This 7 Day Retreat is an opportunity to put aside the routine of your everyday life and give yourself completely to spiritual practice and transformation with a committed group of participants in a beautiful natural setting.

This is the third Tantric Awakening Retreat and after the extraordinary results of last year's retreat Peter has further developed the multidimensional "concept" of this retreat for 2017.

The foundation of this retreat will be a deep immersion in silence and a direct approach to meditation that opens the door to the radical immediacy of Freedom Here and Now. You will discover that you do not need to practice a technique or engage in an arduous process of introspection in order to become Free, rather you will learn how to access the always ever-new discovery that you already ARE Free! 

Through meditation and daily contemplation, you will be guided into transcendent dimensions of inner space, luminosity, profound peace and penetrating recognition of the nature of Non-Dual Reality. You will discover, if you are willing to let go and venture into unknown territory, that it is literally true that there is no separation, that there is fundamentally no problem, that there is no "inner" and "outer", and that Happiness and Love are your natural state. Also, through daily question and answer sessions, Peter will help you to ground this understanding in your daily life so that you can discover a liberated relationship to the conditioned workings of the mind and emotions. 

Once the profound depth and spontaneous joy of Consciousness Itself is established in the group, Peter will then illuminate how this journey of meditation and understanding does not end with transcendence of the ego "I", mind and world. Rather that discovery of essential Peace, Happiness and Freedom is the foundation for a transformation of our embodied humanity. Thus we aspire to not only free our Consciousness from fixed ideas and limiting concepts, but to free our Energy from psychophysical knots, negative emotions and maladaptive conditioning. 

Through daily qi gong sessions, precise self-inquiry practices and other practices involving sound and movement participants will be guided into a process of attunement with the subtle energies of the chakras in such a way that obstructions to the free flow of those energies may be released. The inquiry contemplation addresses aspects of human functioning represented by each chakra.  This process has the power to expose and heal psychological shadow material and tendencies toward addiction or avoidance of the capacities and energies that each chakra represents.

As part of this consideration Peter will share his understandings about a regenerative and deeply liberated approach to our sexuality. How does sexuality fit with spiritual life? How to embrace and transform our sexuality without repressing it on the one hand and indulging in it on the other? Why is sex so problematic and what does sexual maturity entail? How to transcend the habitual tendency to degenerative orgasm and circulate sexual energy so that it becomes a regenerative act that leaves us full-filled and not depleted? These are some of the questions that will be explored.

On one day of the retreat we will also explore activating the subtle energy of each chakra through sound and toning with Sia Bauer a trained voice therapist.  You can hear some of the toning from the 2016 retreat in the videos below...




At the end of the Retreat there will be a ritual Trance Dance with trained facilitator Jutta Weiske, the founder of Avidanja. Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana. Read more here...

The Retreat will be held in silence except for the daily question and answer session, chakra toning and trance dance. The silence and deep field of Meditation provide the alchemical container for you to practice the chakra contemplations and exercises. While the Trance Dance towards the end of the Retreat will feature non-electronic "organic" trance music, the silence between participants will not end until after the final meditation.

Near the end of the retreat we will go for delightful silent walk on the nearby beach and meditate in front of the ocean. This is always an ecstatic occasion!

To facilitate your deep relaxation into Whole Body Enlightenment you will also have the opportunity to experience a delightful Lomi Lomi massage with resident therapist Sandra during this Retreat. This is optional and will be an extra cost of 60E. Highly recommended!


To summarize this Retreat will include the following:

  • Deep Meditation​ and Silence
  • Explorations into Non-Duality
  • Whole Body Inquiry
  • Fusion of Shiva/Shakti, Masculine/Feminine Faces of Spirit
  • Conscious Regenerative Sexuality Teachings
  • Daily Qi Gong Sessions
  • Chakra Toning
  • Trance Dance
  • Meditation Walk on the Beach
  • Delicious Vegetarian Food

This retreat covered really a lot. The introductory stage was very important to allow ourselves to sink into deep meditative state and to connect with that part of ourselves that is unchangeable, unmoving and untouched by anything that happens in the world of form and concept. At this stage I felt enveloped by deep peace and the joy of simplicity of being.

We explored meditation with the Breath of Life (paying attention to the movement of breath) to get grounded in one of the most basic and also ever present impulses of the living body. It also serves as a powerful anchor to resort to in case of need (when experiencing turbulence for instance) during meditation. It also helps to soften the transition from full engagement in life to doing nothing and resting as Consciousness Itself as is intended while meditating. 

After a couple of days Pete started introducing the Chakra analysis and contemplation, going from the bottom up, which stirred up our inner structures. We were confronted with structural deficiencies and addictions that tend to govern our patterns of behaviour and we were guided in establishing connection between such unbalances and their origins and the possible ways to heal them. This contemplation makes it possible to trace back the origin of some of our behaviours which are helpful to acknowledge in a context of prior freedom, forgiveness and making peace with ourselves. From that standing point of being fundamentally ok we take the steps necessary to employ an empowered, confident and more enlightened engagement with life.

The whole retreat was complemented with a daily practice of Qigong, a very soft and meditative physical exercise that works with vital energy and helps establishing an intimate relationship with our bodies. This activity in itself played an undefined yet somehow relevant role in the awareness of our subtle body, a realm from where an energetic healing and rebalance of our subtle structures can take place. At the end there were some surprising additions, an ecstatic Trance Dance and Chakra Toning vocal work, both of which, engaged from the deep meditative field we were immersed in, worked wonders in terms rebalancing, purification, release, shamanic trip, whatever was in need for a little shake!

Joao Pedrosa, Porto

In this Rereat I was given a valuable tool that gave me a more self-knowledge and clarity, in an profoundly experiential way and not just theoretically. I realized what I am not and was gradually able to disidentify myself from of objects of consciousness (material, emotional and cognitive) and thus discover who I am – the Nameless, the Source! When you read the steps to enlightenment as told by Buddha the last of his steps consisted of a long meditation in which he undertook a titanic struggle with Mara (symbolizing his ego) and this final step meant of even letting go of the desire for enlightenment itself to eventually reach and realize Spiritual Liberation. This weekend I realized that the type of meditation that Pete taught us was that which most closely approximates to the descriptions I read about the kind of meditation that Buddha recommended. Thank you, Peter, for these invaluable lessons!
Joao Patente, Lisbon


This retreat will include a daily session of qi gong in the mornings with Peter. What the Chinese called Qi and the Indians called Prana is the subtle life force energy that emanates from pure consciousness. Qi can be understood as arising in the space between formlessness and form. Therefore the cultivation of Qi can help us to embody our formless spirit in and through our individuality. 

Peter will guide you in some simple qi gong postures and movements that are very relaxing and energising. Some are silent standing postures and some are flowing movements of improvisational dance that we will do to soft, inspirational music. Many people find that the qi gong is a perfect compliment to the meditation practice.

If the weather is warm enough we will do the qi gong barefoot outside on the grass.


At lunchtime each day Peter will give you a contemplation to read on such subjects as the nature of thought, emotion, body, time, space and creation. These contemplations have the power to illuminate conditioned patterns of thinking and perceiving that keep us trapped in false and limiting ideas and beliefs. 

In combination with meditation, these contemplations can open you to the direct perception of non-duality or oneness. Many participants have experienced life changing revelations and understandings as a result of this combination of meditation and contemplation, together with the opportunity to explore the contemplations further with Peter in the question and answer sessions.



6.30am Meditation

8am Optional Qi Gong Movement

9am Breakfast

10 -1pm Meditation Sessions

1pm Lunch

2-3pm Free Time

3-5pm Meditation Sessions & Teachings

5-5.30pm Tea Break

5.30-6.30 Meditation

6.30 - 8pm Dinner

8 - 9.30pm Question & Answer

I have to share with you the feeling of happiness I have been carrying with me since the retreat. It is overwhelming to perceive the difference inside me, despite the shortness of the time we spent together. Yet you emanate such a positive energy that makes it impossible to stay indifferent if one is prepared to open up to your teachings and valuable approach. I feel in balance with what surrounds me. I feel closer to others, to nature, to what is important. I feel closer to the essence of self, which has allowed me to develop more acceptance. I am more inclined to harmony and love and it seems I am discovering certain aspects of life as if I were seeing them for real for the first time ever. I might not have experienced the ultimate state of enlightenment, however I am positive that, with your guidance, I was able to go through a door which will take me to the next stage of consciousness.
Rita Martins, Portugal

Articles from past participants of retreats with Peter:

An Enormous Dimension of Depth and Expansion

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Freedom Echoes in the Silence of Simply Being

The Joy of Being Who I AM

A Fantastic Passage in the New Year

A Leap Into The Unknown - The Best Thing I Ever Did!

A Place I AM

A Journey into a New World!

A New and More Embracing Perspective of Reality

I am Consciousness

A retreat not to be missed! Absolutely transformative and powerful! I never imagined that just stopping for one week to meditate and to contemplate could have such a profound impact on my life. It is one week later and I still have the sense that the retreat touched me in ways I still can not see. Everything is much more meaningful and feels like a new beginning. It was all magical ... the landscapes (including a stroll and meditation on the beach), the delicious food, the unity of the group even in silence, the contemplations on non-duality that Peter gave us, the questions and answers at night. Simply amazing ... no more words to describe it!
Ana Fonseca, Porto

Welcome to Avidanja...

Pass a week here amidst the rice fields, storks and winter there is mist, incredible dances of light and cobwebs full of brilliant waterdrops....There is usually plenty of sun in winter and on the on the patio and lawn you can enjoy the ambience of an "alternative house", made with the spirit of discovery and with the inspiration and support of many people who live a life of integrity, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Toward the end of the 7 day retreat, weather permiting, we will go for a silent stroll on the beach and meditate together before the crashing waves of the atlantic ocean. The beach is very beautiful and it can speak to us in different languages ​in a period of silence. So it is very important to bring warm clothes. And throughout your stay we offer a cozy lounge with fireplace to hear the song of the fire ...

We have single or double bedrooms with two bathrooms in the house and also a large dining room. I can guarantee one week of comfort with meditation room heated, and vegetarian food prepared from the heart. We offer local produce such as fruit, vegetables, rice and olive oil. We try to use as much organic and locally grown food as possible.

Be welcomed into a friendly and very cosy house to come together in in the beauty of silence. It will be our contribution to the discovery and evolution of consciousness.

With Much Love, Jutta & Sandra


There are 3 options based on different accommodation. All prices include 3  delicious vegetarian meals per day:

Portuguese price (The price for Portuguese is lower to reflect the difficulty of economic situation in Portugal)

495€ - dormitory (4-5 people in total)

595€ - double room per person

735€ - single room

Foreigners price

525€ - dormitory (4-5 people in total)

700€ - double room per person

805€ - single room

It is possible to pay in installments, please contact us if you are interested in this option.

To reserve please fill out the form on the right sidebar. If you have any questions please contact:


I had a most rewarding meditation retreat. The instructions that we received for it were simple and straightforward, yet powerful, for they aim directly to the purpose of meditation. I also appreciated the lack of rituals and Eastern spiritual language. Besides this, I valued very much the opportunity to experience the Awakened Life Community. It is clearly a powerful place for working on personal and collective transformation.
Javier Lantero, Founder Tomillo Foundation, Madrid, Spain

I thank you for giving so much on this retreat. I learnt so much about myself, not just in theory but also in practice in my own experience. What was really special was the fact that I got a glimpse of what it feels like when I become aware of this space in my mind. It made me believe there's actually something to discover there, which will help me grow as a person. It feels like the beginning of something huge, about myself, about the world and the whole Universe! So thank you for all the teaching, the answers you patiently gave us, for the insights you shared with us and for the passion and hope you were able to transmit. And thank you to the "ALP Angels" for all the love they put into every action which made us always feel so welcome.
Barbara Miguel, Portugal





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