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NEW PODCAST - Waking Up to Life with Cynthia


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This podcast is called Waking Up to Life with Cynthia because it is becoming more and more important in the times we are living in that people wake up!  Wake up to Life with a capital 'L', wake up to the understanding that we are not victims to our circumstance, wake up to the Love that is in our hearts and wake up to the courage to live that Love.  We all have the capacity to learn, evolve, and engage with the life process in a more profound, clear and free way them most of us do now.  

In March of 2020 Cynthia decided to start a podcast in response to the Corona Virus.  Many people found themselves afraid, confused and unsure of what would happen next.  Cynthia had been thinking about doing a podcast for a while but this situation inspired her to start right away.  The first few podcasts reference the Corona Virus but all of the podcasts are meant to help people respond to their human experience through a different lens.   So often we find ourselves isolated and alone, frustrated that our relationships are not working out (again!), anxious about the future, about money, about security for one's family, etc.  We spend a lot of time seeking for relief from the complexity and insecurity of life.  The problem is that we habitually look outside ourselves for a solution, we seek to feel better but when we do momentarily feel better then we are already convinced that it won't last.  It is not easy inhabiting a human body in this crazy world but there is a way to navigate and embrace the lives we have been given from a place of Love, Gratitude, Joy and Freedom.  

Cynthia has a wonderful capacity to make spiritual truths real and simple, she uses her own experience to highlight this simplicity and she brings depth that has been realized through years of her own practice and transformational process along with years of working with people.  

So if you have 15 -25 minutes and you are interested in learning more about why you do what you do and why you think what you think, then join Cynthia for her regular Podcast where she simplifies the challenges of life in the world today and puts all aspects of our experience into a bigger context.

This podcast comes with a warning:  Cynthia can be infectious and direct, you may find yourselves implicated, you may find yourselves inspired to make changes in how you live and you may find yourself compelled to engage with life instead of sitting on the sidelines!

Please share with your family and friends!

If you would like to see more videos of Cynthia teaching please visit the webniar page our the ALP YouTube Channel.







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