Awaken & Live Your True Nature
The Awakened Life Project is a bold contemporary
experiment in the evolution of consciousness and
culture offering retreats and volunteer programs
27 December 2022 - 3 January 2023 | Avidanja, Portugal
New Year Retreat:
The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti
During this 7-day non-dual journey with Peter you will be immersed in guided meditations and deep inquiry into Awakened embodiment, the "true tantra" of sexuality and catalysts for the actualisation of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine. This retreat also includes daily Qi Gong & Restorative Yoga sessions, Ecstatic Dance and more.
For committed, passionate and spiritually adventurous souls only!
The radical nature of Spiritual Freedom is that it always already IS regardless of what seems to be arising inwardly or outwardly in the world of phenomenal experience.
Meet our Teachers
Cynthia Lea Rose and Peter Bampton are the Founders and Teachers of the Awakened Life Project. They have very different teaching styles yet transmit a coherent essential communication through which they catalyse and guide the development
of the Awakened Life Project.