Awaken & Live Your True Nature
After 15 years as a thriving experiment in consciousness and culture, led by co-founders Pete Bampton and Cynthia Rose, The Awakened Life Project has closed. Pete is currently on sabbatical and will continue to offer Retreats/Events and lead the Men's Collective in 2024. This website will be adapted to reflect these developments. We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who came and gave their hearts as retreat participants, volunteers and community members over the years.
Do not be afraid. Do not doubt what has been heard and seen and Realized. Be strong. Love and trust and surrender to the God of the body-mind. Let the One Who Lives us all achieve Victory in this time of universal bewilderment and aggressive denial of the Living God.

Let not any worldly power confirm the doubt of the bodily Truth of Man in God. Let mankind hear this Truth by our witness and our defense. All of mankind is suffering the doubt of the body, the world, and God. Let them hear our defense of the body in God.

Let them feel the world- transfiguring Destiny that arises with the bodily love of God and the world. Let them know that we have transcended the error whereby human beings find it impossible to delight in one another and to love and be free as the body itself.

We must devote ourselves to Awakening through the positive and free defense of our Way.
Let us never collapse into self-destructive doubts. Let us join with all the friends and allies of humanity to serve all beings with the Blessings of the Great One. Let us meet every trial that comes upon us with the strength of Truth.

Let us do what is right for the sake of mankind, and let God determine the trial and all results for whatever purposes the very Divine will choose to serve in this world.

Let us surrender into doubt-free and positive commitment to the One we cannot deny. Let us recognize the humor of it all, and so let us be ready to freely defend the Way with intelligence and vital strength.

Adi Da Samraj
A Journey Into Awakened Brotherhood
For men are ready to embark on a path of authentic liberation and the blossoming of their highest potential.
True Meditation as a Direct Doorway to Spiritual Awakening
We stand alone and together
An open library of guided meditations
Inspiration from Adi Da Samraj (coming soon)