10 Day Evolutionary Awakening Retreat
This is an ecstatic event, alive with the joy of Self-Discovery and the wonder of genuine spiritual inquiry, guided by Cynthia Lea Rose. In a magical environment participants quickly find themselves swept up in the possibility of a total and unimaginable transformation.
4-14 August 2023
Location: Awakened Life Project Ashram, Portugal
Price: 775€ for Portuguese | 900€ for everyone else*
* If you have financial difficulty in coming to one of our events we offer a gift economy program. Please read more here.
Guided by
Cynthia Lea Rose
Cynthia will guide you into a deeper dimension of yourself where you will find freedom from being a victim of your mind and emotions. She will engage with you everyday in Q&A sessions, while meditating together in the stillness and beauty of the Awakened Life Project Ashram.
What to expect
The first 5 days you will spend in silent meditation, devoted to the discovery of your True Nature as Awakened Consciousness Itself. During the second 5 days, you will explore who you are as an evolving individuated expression of Consciousness becoming conscious of Itself through relationship.
Where is it
The retreat is set in the beautiful environment of Quinta da Mizarela in the mountains of Central Portugal, which is the heart and the Ashram of the Awakened Life Project. You will spend 10 days in a charged spiritual atmosphere of transformation with Cynthia and the residents of the Ashram.
What do we mean by Awakening? In short, we mean waking up from the dream of our separate, limited existence to the utterly liberating Mystery of who we all really are, as One Consciousness. Enjoy the transmission of the retreat participants.
Overview of the day
This is a general guideline that may change freely.
Spontaneous Movement
Morning Session of Mediation or Presentation
Afternoon Session of Mediation or Presentation
Evening session of meditation or Q&A
Final Session
How to find us
Quinta da Mizarela
3305-031 Benfeita Portugal
40.216554, -7.937210


When you arrive
Please park just off the road near the sign for the Quinta da Mizarela. Pease do not drive down the dirt track, there is limited space to turn around. If you have a lot of things to carry down please contact us ahead of time and we will come and get you with our jeep. If you prefer walking, just follow the track downhill for about 500 m.