Retreat in Algarve:
The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti
with Peter Bampton

8 - 15 August 2023 | Monte Mariposa Retreat Center, Algarve Portugal

During this 7 day journey with Peter you will be immersed in guided meditations and profound explorations into the art of sacred intimacy, the "true tantra" of awakened embodiment, including the principles of regenerative sexual yoga and the authentic actualisation of the Shiva & Shakti polarity. This retreat also includes morning qi gong sessions, dynamic meditations, ritual trance dance and much more. This retreat will be a shared experiment in the evolution of consciousness and culture, and its transformative impact depends on the commitment and passion of everyone involved. Only open-minded and adventurous souls need apply!
8-15 August 2023
Location: Monte Mariposa Retreat Center in Tavira, Algarve Portugal
Price: Camping 590€ | 720€ Single bed in 2 person cabin | 750€ double bed cabin
Guided by
Peter Bampton
Peter is a co-founder of the Awakened Life Project, spiritual teacher and author of The Fire of the Heart. Peter's approach to the theme of this retreat will be not theoretical or merely philosophical, but will be sourced in the groundbreaking insights, revelations and embodied discoveries of the Awakened Life Men's Collective and the Awakened Life Women's Creative, which he will draw upon to fuel the shared exploration.
What to expect

For Shiva - the Masculine:

Learn to transmit the forces of love and consciousness in ways that evoke your partner's most playful and ecstatic bliss

Learn how to make your partner your ally in your eternal quest for freedom

Practice penetrating your relationships and the world from a place of embodied depth and presence.

Learn how to cultivate the meditative practice that will allow your nervous system to hold massive amounts of sexual and emotional energy

For Shakti - the Feminine:

Learn to offer the subtle energetics of nature through your body in a way that enlivens and nourishes your partner and the world

Communicate and master the full embodied pleasure of your most sacred desires in a way that evokes presence, passion and fierce love in your partner

Practice filling your body with the pleasure and yearning that occurs as an irresistible gift

️Cultivate your ability to feel what is trustable and what is NOT trustable in a man, so you can open your heart fully without betraying your feminine wisdom

For Shiva & Shakti:

Understand the three stages of spiritual-sexual evolution and how to grow from co-dependent, to independent, to devotionally-in-service-to-each-others-awakening in relationship.

Learn to approach your relationship as a spiritual practice--a space to soften the grip of ego and experience your true nature as Love

Where is it
The retreat will be held at Monte Mariposa Retreat Center, a beautiful location near Tavira in Algarve, the south of Portugal.
On this Retreat
you will explore and experience:

Guided Meditation and Q&A sessions on Awakening to Transcendent Consciousness here and now

Exploration through dialogue and practice into Awakened Embodiment and the actualisation of the Sacred Masculine (Shiva) & Divine Feminine (Shakti)

Exploration of the principles of ego-transcending regenerative sexual yoga (this doesn't include live sexual practice)

Qi Gong Sessions

Ritual Trance Dance

Delicious Vegetarian Meals