Easter Retreat in Algarve, Portugal:
The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti
with Pete Bampton

28 March - 4th April 2024 | Monte Mariposa Retreat Center, Algarve Portugal

Are you intrigued by the concept of masculine and feminine polarity, yet long for something deeper than the watered-down Instagram "polarity trend"?

Do you intuit that there is a mystical undercurrent within the play of erotic attraction?

Do you long to embody the paradox of your simultaneous unqualified wholeness and distinct individuality?

Does the dance between Lover and Beloved makes deep and total sense to you?

Then you are ready to play in the realms of yogic intimacy—a practice of experiencing the pulse of One in two...

During this 7 day journey you will be immersed in guided meditations and profound explorations into the Art of Sacred Intimacy, a "True Tantra" of Embodied Awakening and Empowered Loving sourced not in pleasure-seeking and self-fulfilment, but in the ego-transcending ecstasy of whole bodily surrender to the Radiant, All-Pervading Consciousness that is the Eternal Matrix, Truth and Destiny of the world. This process of discovery activates the principles of regenerative sexual yoga and the authentic actualisation of the Shiva & Shakti polarity. This retreat also includes morning Qi Gong sessions, Dynamic Meditations, Ecstatic Dance and much more. This will be a deeply vulnerable, experimental and edgy retreat. Only open-minded and adventurous souls need apply!
28th March - 4th April 2024
Location: Monte Mariposa Retreat Center in Tavira, Algarve Portugal
Price: Camping 690€ | 820€ Single bed in 2 person cabin | 850€ double bed cabin
Guided by
Pete Bampton
Pete is a transformational mentor and author of The Fire of the Heart with over three decades of experience in spiritual practice and community both as student and teacher. His approach to the theme of this retreat will not be theoretical, but will be sourced in the insights, revelations and embodied discoveries of his own lived experience and journey of awakened embodiment.
What to expect

The true man or woman yields to the process of experience as to a lover. Such a one does not enter into the realms of experience in a defensive manner—cranky, rigid, full of self and knowledge. Rather, such a one enters into the present moment of experience as an act of love.

Experience, whether positive or negative, coincides with ecstasy in the case of devotees of the Real.
They are sacrificed in any case, spoiled with wounds, and ultimately eaten by a mysterious lover.

Lovers do not fear dissolution. Therefore, they are active as submission, feeling, and ecstatic awe. Unlike the knower, who does not make love but at best presumes to love, the devotee of the Real is engaged in the process of ecstasy. The devotee exceeds all knowledge through love and ecstatic self-surrender. For such a one, knowledge is only a convention of ordinary order and thinking, whereas love is the method whereby the secret purposes of the universe are fulfilled.

— Da Free John
Love of the Two-Armed Form


Opening your sexual circuitry in preparation for deeper lovemaking

Learning the distinctions of yogic intimacy that create the free-fall into erotic bliss
Letting go of the ways you diminish intimacy by imposing needs on your partner

Disciplining the sexual body with yogic breathing

Transmuting raw sexual desire into love's deepest communion

Why you don't have to be healed to Love fully now

The differences between therapeutic and practice-based work

Loving through your patterns and triggers to open new possibilities in intimacy

Getting out of your relational comfort zone and taking creative risks in love

Softening armour around your heart to experience the sacred union you crave

Transmuting the personal into transpersonal domains

Learn tools to create profound intimacy in any moment—with yourself, with your lover, with life, and with God

Transmuting the contraction of neediness into an offering of untethered, full-bodied yearning

Yearning as a gateway to deeper eros and ecstasy

Embodying the full range of feminine flavors to break free from habitual ways of being and relating

Loosening the grip of who you think you are to discover the freedom beyond identity constructs

For Shiva - the Masculine:

Learn to transmit the forces of love and consciousness in ways that evoke your partner's most playful and ecstatic bliss

Learn how to make your partner your ally in your eternal quest for freedom

Practice penetrating your relationships and the world from a place of embodied depth and presence.

Learn how to cultivate the meditative practice that will allow your nervous system to hold massive amounts of sexual and emotional energy

For Shakti - the Feminine:

Liberate your deepest devotion in ecstatic communion with your beloved/the divine

Artfully reveal the depths of your feminine longing, emotions, and wisdom as invitations to be met fully and deeply in love

Open the gateway to your most empowered, alive, and liberated self that is hidden within the ecstatic ache of your longing

Relax into your True Nature so deeply that you effortlessly incarnate as Love's fullness, which is inherently magnetic to the depth of consciousness that you yearn to receive from a lover

️Cultivate your ability to feel what is trustable and what is NOT trustable in a man, so you can open your heart fully without betraying your feminine wisdom

For Shiva & Shakti:

Understand the three stages of spiritual-sexual evolution and how to grow from co-dependent, to independent, to devotionally-in-service-to-each-others-awakening in relationship.

Learn to approach your relationship as a spiritual practice - a space to soften the grip of ego and experience your true nature as Love

The Dance of Shiva & Shakti is for you if you are:

  • Hitting a threshold in your relationship and have a feeling it could go deeper, but are unsure of how to make that happen

  • Single, and wanting to cultivate intimate relationship with yourself and the divine, as you learn how to soften in the ache of your longing

  • Feeling limited in your spiritual practice and excited to learn new ways to unite your innate erotic aliveness with a path of devotion

  • Ready to skilfully express the depths of your wild masculine and feminine heart in intimacy

  • Done attracting lovers who are unable to meet you and are ready to do the work to open your body and heart to give and receive the awakened love you yearn for

  • Excited to play at your edges to embody more of your authentic self
  • Ready to show your deepest heart and be seen for all of who you are

  • Ready to dive into your shadows and receive loving feedback on the ways you unconsciously resist deep love and intimacy in your life

The retreat will be held at Monte Mariposa Retreat Center, a beautiful location near Tavira in Algarve, the south of Portugal.
On this Retreat
you will explore and experience:

Guided Meditation and Q&A sessions on Awakening to Transcendent Consciousness here and now

Exploration through dialogue and practice into Awakened Embodiment and the Actualisation of the Sacred Masculine (Shiva) & Divine Feminine (Shakti)

Exploration of the principles of ego-transcending regenerative sexual yoga (this doesn't include live sexual practice)

Qi Gong Sessions

Ecstatic Dance

Delicious Vegetarian Meals