We offer various retreats, monthly webinars and online courses that catalyze Awakening to the radical immediacy of Freedom here and now and facilitate the transformational task of embodying that realization in everyday life.
Online Course:
The Fire of the Heart
The Fire of the Heart course guided by Peter Bampton is a penetrating and profound Transformational journey into the radical immediacy and evolutionary potential of Spiritual Awakening here and now.

Dates: June – October 2022 | Sundays 17.30 GMT
Price: 550 €
Monthly Webinars
Why Do We Avoid the Subject of Death?
11 May, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT

Cynthia Lea Rose offers open webinars on the second Wednesday of every month. Cynthia's teachings are based on the fundamental truth of non-duality and how to live it in the world, in relationship. Her webinars demystify the spiritual path, give concrete suggestions on how you can rest more deeply into your True Self and help you to recognize the movement of ego. Cynthia offers these webinars on a donation basis.
May: Why Do We Avoid the Subject of Death?
11 May, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT

The culture we live in doesn't celebrate death. In fact, we avoid talking about it or even thinking about it. It's a deep fear that we just don't want to face, it's a fear of 'you' dying. Why would I want to think about that? Isn't it more important to put my attention on living and not on dying? In this webinar Cynthia will go deeply into our relationship to death and why avoiding it is pulling you away from fully living. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

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June: How Can Death Liberate You?
8 June, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
Part 2 of the series on death. Please watch or listen to part 1 if you would like to join this webinar.

This webinar is a continuation of our discussion and consideration around death. Are you someone that feels uncomfortable discussing this, going to funerals, seeing dead bodies, etc? If you are you are not alone! Most people avoid the subject and when we avoid death, we avoid life. When we avoid death, we avoid pain and ultimately, we avoid love. Cynthia will share with you the liberation you can find immediately when you stop avoiding this subject.

July: Distraction vs Focus
13 July, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
Most people live a life of distraction. Keeping busy, avoiding subjects, avoiding real relationships, completely absorbed in their mind as if this is what life is about. When you start to understand your own pattern of distraction and why you distract yourself, this is the beginning of you waking up to that which you are distracting yourself from. Join Cynthia this month in an investigation into what distraction is, how you distract yourself and the liberating passion for life that is released when you focus on that which is real prior to all distractions.
August: Vacation Time – Time for 'Me'
3 August, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
This webinar is held on the first Wednesday of the month as Cynthia is leading a retreat later on.

Vacation time, the week or two a year that you can have time for yourself, go to beautiful places, eat amazing food, relax and slowdown and of course spend a lot of money. Weekends tend to be our mini vacations throughout the year. Two days a week that are yours to do whatever you want, no work schedule, no traffic, sleeping in, etc. In this webinar Cynthia brings a different perspective to being 'on vacation'. Asking questions like, "What are you on vacation from?" Or "Could you live your life permanently on vacation?"

We hope you join us for a lively discussion!
14 September, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
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12 October, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
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9 November, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
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14 December, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
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