The Art of Foraging
This one-day workshop guided by Laura Williams is for anyone who would like to get closer to nature and learn to eat from the everyday plants and weeds that grow around them.
9 October 2022
Location: Quinta da Mizarela Ashram, Portugal
Price: 50 €
Time: 11 am - 5pm

Price includes a simple and delicious vegetarian lunch and digital handouts. Feel free to arrive from 10:30am and enjoy a cup of tea.
Guided by
Laura Williams
"I have enjoyed a loving connection with the natural world since I was a child and always loved to be outdoors and exploring wild places. I have been foraging for over 20 years since I was living in a remote Scottish Island and desperate for fresh vegetables. When someone told me I could eat the nettles growing around me it was a complete revelation and an utter delight! As I continued to find more plants I could eat I realised that foraging is not simply about gathering nutritious food but a life-long journey that has deepened my relationship with plants and my gratitude for all of Nature's generosity."

Laura is a senior resident of the Awakened Life Project Ashram, the founder of Awakened Life Forest Project and Laura Williams Coaching.
What to expect
We will take time to meet the plants, slow down to 'plant' time so we can really begin to know them. We will use all of our senses as we dive into their green world. The day will also be practical with a lot of time given to identifying, collecting and tasting different plants. We will discuss the many benefits of foraging and of the nutritional content of the individual plants.
Where is it
The workshop is held in a beautiful Ashram of Quinta da Mizarela located in the mountains of Central Portugal. You will have the opportunity to visit off-grid community, to experience the wonder of nature, our delightful animals, cascading waterfalls, bathing pools and silence.
How to find us
Quinta da Mizarela
3305-031 Benfeita Portugal
40.216554, -7.937210


When you arrive
Please park just off the road near the sign for the Quinta da Mizarela. Pease do not drive down the dirt track, there is limited space to turn around. Just leave your car and walk for about 15 mins following the track downhill and signs for Upper Quinta.