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How to join the Project
Please explore these frequently asked questions
if you are inspired to join us
How can I join the Project?
Joining the Project means becoming part of the Sangha and the Men's Collective or the Women's Creative. It is important that you have some foundational understanding of the vision and philosophy that we are living, before joining the Sangha.

The main option is that you participate in either a Women's or Men's retreat or in the yearly 10 day Evolutionary Awakening retreat.

Sometimes people come as volunteers at the beginning of the season and stay for 3-6 months. If they have immersed themselves deeply into the teaching and the life at the Ashram they may be able to join the Sangha as well.
Is there a physical centre of the Project?
Quinta da Mizarela is the physical Ashram of the Awakened Life Project. Situated in the Serra do Açor, in central Portugal it provides the residents, sangha members and volunteers a place where they can deepen their practice and live a life of service and communion.
I want to visit the Ashram. Can I just come and check it out?
We live a very full and busy life so we do not accept visitors at short notice. If you want to visit the Ashram of the Project at Quinta da Mizarela, then please send a request by email in advance.

Please contact us at
You can find full contact information here.
Can I come and live with you in the Ashram?
Only members of the Sangha can live in the Ashram. If you are interested in being part of the Sangha please see the question "How can I join the Project?".
I want to come and volunteer - will I need to pay something?
You can come as a volunteer for a month or more but these places are limited to people who resonate with our Vision. We have different volunteer options that include different pricings and work times. Please read about all the options here.