New Year Retreat:
The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti
27 December 2022-3 January 2023 | with Peter Bampton

During this 7 day non-dual journey with Peter you will be immersed in silence, guided meditations, inquiry into the "true tantra" of Awakened embodiment, sexuality and the authentic actualisation of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine. The daily schedule also includes morning qi gong sessions, evening restorative yoga, ecstatic dance and much more. This retreat will be a shared experiment in the evolution of consciousness and culture, and its transformative impact depends on the commitment and passion of everyone involved.
27 Dec - 3 Jan
Location: Avidanja, Portugal
Price: 700€ dorm | 735€ double | 770€ single
Guided by
Peter Bampton
Peter is a co-founder of the Awakened Life Project, spiritual teacher, author and (r)evolutionary. Peter's approach to this theme will be not theoretical, but will be sourced in the groundbreaking insights, revelations and embodied discoveries of the Awakened Life Men's Collective and the Awakened Life Women's Creative, which he will draw upon to fuel the shared exploration.
What to expect
In this retreat Peter will first lead participants on a journey of Awakening into the Eternal, Transcendent Consciousness, Being or Heart, that is radically Free and untouched by all that arises and passes away. Once that ground is significantly established, the collective journey will expand to embrace Awakening - as unique gendered individuals - to a Creative Process of Spirit-in-Action. Through Meditation, Dialogue, Qi Gong, Ecstatic Dance and other modalities Peter will facilitate a living exploration of "The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti".
Where is it
The retreat will be held at Avidanja, a beautiful location near Montemor-o-Velho, not far from Coimbra.
On this retreat
you will explore and experience:

3 days of Silence, Guided Meditation and Q&A sessions on Awakening to Transcendent Consciousness here and now

4 days of exploration through dialogue and group practice into Awakened embodiment, sexuality and actualization of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine

Daily Qi Gong Sessions

Dancing Down The Light

Restorative Yoga

Delicious Vegetarian Meals

Massage available (at extra cost)