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Our Sangha
The Awakened Life Sangha is an international family of spiritual brothers and sisters comprised of a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Members are committed to full participation in the exploration and actualisation of our True Nature, under the guidance of Project co-founders and teachers Peter Bampton and Cynthia Lea Rose. This shared commitment establishes a sacred cooperative culture that supports ego-transcending practice in which the self-protected ego can be observed, understood, then released and renounced.

The Awakened Life Sangha is dedicated to the co-creation of the harmonious event of real existence - a culture of sanity and joy in which life is radically realised apart from the great search of humanity for fulfilment through the exploitation of desire and possibility.

Whether living in a community or householder context, Sangha members are committed to living a life of sacrifice, knowledge and service that communicates the love and truth of authentic Spiritual Awakening.
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Sangha members are individually committed to a regular practice of meditation, right life disciplines and study, and collectively to monthly in person/online meetings and weekly online "holon" meetings in smaller groups. The Men's and Women's Collectives are the primary structures within the Sangha, however there are also Mixed Groups and Sangha Retreats. The membership of the Awakened Life Sangha has gradually grown over time and is currently around 70 people.

Natural Hierarchy

Ideally it is an egoless structure defined only by the actual differences between the individuals' relative levels of development and experience. While the ground of relationship is oneness and non-difference, the relative reality of difference, which is the fabric of a developmental perspective, is embraced and recognized. So the relationships between evolving human beings would ideally demonstrate the absolute truth of non-difference while simultaneously respecting differing levels of experience, understanding and authority.

This model of leadership places full responsibility on every individual to participate at the leading edge of their capacity and development. It is an emergent potential that operates between the poles of a traditional top-down guru/student model on one hand, and a pluralistic "everyone is the leader" or "there are no leaders" paradigm on the other. In this model leadership is fluid and should be self-evident and based on mutual trust. Those who are more advanced should naturally lead, but in a natural hierarchy there is no fixed structure and anyone can lead the inquiry further and deeper at any given time. Ideally a natural hierarchy is evidenced as a hierarchy of humility, which works to help everyone develop. Instead of being a "dominator" hierarchy that works to keep everyone down and in their fixed place, a growth hierarchy pulls everyone up.

A healthy natural hierarchy in a spiritual context rests on our capacity to embrace the paradox that we are all One in the Absolute dimension and we are all "works-in-progress" in the Relative dimension. Hence it is essential that we do not hold onto perspectives or ideas that oversimplify the nature of relational reality and create any degree of separation. This demands that we always see the other freshly an that we are always open to change. This requires courage, transparency, profound trust and a willingness to engage in creative friction.

Pete and Cynthia endeavor to lead the Project in a way that does not create any fixed structure or unhealthy shadows. They do not make any claim to "have arrived" or to be "masters" of any kind. They are fully transparent that they are "works-in-progress" and encourage people to question.