Join Cynthia live on the second Wednesday evening of every month for open webinars, share widely and invite your family and friends. You are welcome to watch or listen to the past webinars.
Monthly Webinars
What is Your Relationship to Ageing?
12 October, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT

Cynthia Lea Rose offers open webinars on the second Wednesday of every month. Cynthia's teachings are based on the fundamental truth of non-duality and how to live it in the world, in relationship. Her webinars demystify the spiritual path, give concrete suggestions on how you can rest more deeply into your True Self and help you to recognize the movement of ego. Cynthia offers these webinars on a donation basis.
October: What is Your Relationship to Ageing?
12 October, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT

Every day, every minute you are getting older, everyone is getting older. There is a lot of pressure in this world where you are supposed to look young and beautiful until the moment of death. If you are 30 you need to look like a 20-year-old, if you are 50 you need to look 30, if you are 70 you should look like you are 40! And if you are 15 you should look like 25! How is this possible and why should this be a demand that rules our lives? Cynthia discusses the intensity of the conditioned demands on young people but also older people in our society these days. The demand is the same no matter your age – you are not good enough and you need to be something other than yourself! We hope you join us for a deep dive into freedom beyond imposed ideas and beliefs.

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November: To be announced
9 November, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
Description coming soon.
December: To be announced
14 December, 2022 | 20.00–21.30 GMT
Description coming soon.